Sticky Flower Garden Sensory Art for Kids

When I shared our recent flower petal math activities I promised I’d share a couple of ways to put all of those flower petals to good use when you were done with them. This sticky flower garden is one easy way to do just that. Kids can explore the sensory elements of the flower parts and sticky paper while creating their own unique sticky flower gardens.

Sticky Flower Garden Sensory Art for Kids

We chose to make our garden on a vertical surface, but you could also do this on a table or other flat surface. Using the vertical surface can  be a little more challenging. We started by taping contact paper to the wall with the sticky side facing out. We secured around all edges with tape so that the contact paper would not come off the wall.

I added the flower petals, leaves, and stems from the flowers we used from other activities to one of our activity trays, and then we were ready to get started.

Wall flower garden for kids

We have done this activity in the past when the girls were younger and then they created more of an abstract design by placing petals and flower parts at random. This time it was interesting to see the difference in their approach. Tinker spent a lot of time planning out exactly where she wanted each stem to go and then delicately placing each individual stem and leaf.

Preschool fine motor activity

She worked and worked until she had a full flower garden of special creations.

sticky garden

Tomorrow we’ll share how we used this same setup for one more learning activity with flower petals. And if want to make fine motor flower art that’s more permanent, try this sticker flower art invitation.

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And don’t forget to read some great books about flowers.

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