Bunny Hop ABC Game

After using our plastic eggs to play our Easter Name Game, I wanted to play an ABC Game with the kids. This one is fun to play inside or outside depending on the weather.

Bunny Hop ABC Game

Alphabet Easter Activity for Kids

To get ready I wrote the ABCs on a set of plastic eggs. I chose to write the uppercase letter on one half and the lowercase letter on the other half so we can also use our eggs for an upper- and lowercase matching game another day.

I also wrote the ABCs on the bottom of our baking cups. Then I flipped them inside out so the decorative side with the letter was showing in the middle of the flower.

Easter Game for Kids-ABC

I placed the eggs in a basket next to a set of bunny ears, and I lined the baking cups along the sidewalk in ABC order. If it is a windy day, you will either want to use another base for your eggs or do the activity inside. There was a slight wind on this day, so we found a spot that was hidden from the wind. We’ve done the activity indoors and outdoors, and it’s just as fun no matter where you are.

We took turns letting each child match the eggs. You can choose whether to do this collaboratively or individually. I wanted the younger preschoolers to have a chance to think and do the activity without the older preschooler taking over. However, they have chosen to play the game many times together after this initial introduction.

I loved watching Tinker think and look for the matching letters. Every once in a while Lovey would ask, “Do you need help?” And she’d quietly reply, “No, I’m still finking. I can do it.” It’s great to see her confidence growing.

Alphabet Activity for Easter

As she did place the letters we said the name of the letter together.

Toddler ABC Game for Easter

As a modification, you can also have kids say the letter sound as they place the eggs. Tinker named the letter sound and a word beginning with the sound. I loved hearing her word choices.

Letter Sounds Game for Easter

What fun Easter learning games have you been playing with your kids?

Bunny Hop ABC Game

More Alphabet Fun

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  1. What a fantastic idea! Am pinning this to try in the holidays ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. What an adorable idea! Plastic eggs, bunny ears AND learning?! Count us in…I’ve got it pinned for the future ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for the idea!

  3. What an adorable idea! I can’t wait ’til my daughter is old enough to try it…thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. What fun! I love any activity that incorporates an academic skill with bunny ears, thanks for sharing!

  5. This looks like great fun! We’ve been working on beginning counting, so maybe we’ll modify your idea and use it for that skill instead. (We haven’t started our ABCs yet.)

  6. Where did you buy the flower petal cupcake paper liners?

  7. Looks like fun! Will try it soon with my toddler. Thanks for sharing!

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