Yarn-Wrapped Stars Fourth of July Craft

I’ve mentioned before that Tinker loves to “sew” but she’s not quite ready for traditional sewing projects. Instead we’ve tried a variety of projects using yarn and threading of sorts. Yarn-wrapped crafts have been some of her favorites. In the past we’ve made yarn-wrapped eggs, ornaments, and fish. Today we’re sharing a pretty yarn-wrapped star that makes a great Fourth of July craft decoration or necklace for kids.

Fourth of July Craft for Kids~Yarn-Wrapped Star

We started by hot gluing a star shape with five wood stirrer sticks (they are a bit longer and thinner than traditional popsicle sticks,  but popsicle sticks will work too).

Materials for yarn-wrapped star

We had red, white, and blue yarn available. Each girl chose the color she wanted to start with and we tied the free end of the yarn around the star.

Tie one end of the string to the star

Then they worked to twist and pull the yarn around the star shape over and over again in any way they chose.

Yarn craft for 4th of July-Step 3

When they tired of one color we tied the end of the yarn and started a new piece of yarn. They layered and layered the yarn until they could barely see the craft sticks anymore.

We tried to pull the yarn tight enough to stay on the star but not so tight that it made the star break. (If the star does break like one of ours did, the craft still works so no worries. It just looks a little different, but you still get the star effect.)

Change colors-Red White and Blue Craft

The wrapping process does take a while if the kids want to fully cover the yarn. If your little ones are like Tinker they might just lounge on the table and delight in the flipping and turning of the star watching slowly as each new layer of yarn adds to the design.

Relax and Create

When we were done we added a loop of yarn to the top. We decided to hang these in our window as a Fourth of July decoration. They’d also make a fun necklace for kids to wear to holiday parades and gatherings.

Red White and Blue Star Craft for 4th of July

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