Roll-and-Say Fall ABC Game with Printable

This fall ABC game is quick to prepare and fun for kids to play. After seeing how much fun the girls were having learning to flick and spin acorns outside recently, I knew they’d love a learning activity that incorporated that new skill.

Roll and Say Fall ABC Free Printable from Fantastic Fun and Learning

To play simply print out the ABC game using the download link at the end of this post. Then grab an acorn and a tray. We used a baking sheet, but anything to contain the acorn a bit will work.

Then get rolling! As Tinker rolled the acorn she stopped to name the letter it landed on (or the letter it was closest to). She experimented with rolling it slowly, rolling it quickly (to see it bounce of the sides of the tray), flicking it, and spinning it between her fingers. While it was probably all of this experimentation that kept her most engrossed in the game, she also did a ton of letter practice as she sat and played.

Roll and Say Fall ABC Game for Preschoolers

Depending on your focus for the activity you can practice naming the letters, letters sounds, or a word beginning with the letter. The free printable includes both uppercase and lowercase alphabet sets.

Roll and Say Alphabet Game for Fall

Click Here to Get Your Fall ABC Game Board

Extend the Learning with Literature

Reading ABC books about fall can be a great way to build upon the learning in this ABC game.

ABC Books for Fall

More Fall Fun

For more fall fun and learning visit our fall activities page.

Fun Fall Activities for Kids from Fantastic Fun and Learning~Over 25 creative play activities for fall!

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  1. We are really into the season at the moment – so these are great ideas, thank you for sharing.
    I have featured it in The Kids Co-op Literacy round up.

  2. This looks like so much fun! Any time I say “Let’s play a game”, they love it! Great way to learn! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Shaunna, I think this game is such a great idea for fall with an adorable printable!

  4. Printing this right now!!!! We need some letter writing practice at this house so we are going to roll and write. TY!

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