Free Printable Night Sky Journal

As the days grow shorter during fall and winter it is a great time to observe the night sky. Not only is this an opportunity to learn scientific facts about the sky, it also inspires a lot of creative thinking. Kids and adults alike can hardly look up and not consider what it might be like beyond this galaxy. With the upcoming release of Interstellar we’re partnering with Paramount to share a fun family activity inspired by the new movie all about exploring the unknown future among the stars.

Family Stargazing

On a gorgeous clear night head out and observe the night sky together. You can do so right outside your door or take a drive away from the lights of the city and observe in an open area.

Take some time to discuss what you actually see in the sky.

Then spend time talking with each other about what you think is happening out there. What kind of theories do each of you have about life in outer space?

Have a little more fun by coming up with your own fiction story about what might be happening in outer space at the moment. You can decide together whether you want to follow certain theories or create your own outlandish version. Have fun with it!

Free Printable Night Sky Journals~Writing and Drawing journals that include pages for scientific observations and imaginative stories about outer space

Free Printable Night Sky Journals

Encourage kids to record their observations and imaginative stories in these free printable night sky journals. There are two formats. One is a drawing journal for pre-writers. The other is a writing journal with writing lines for early elementary kids. There are enough pages to repeat this activity multiple times, allowing kids to observe changes in the night sky and create new stories about what is happening in outer space.

Download the Night Sky Drawing Journal

Download the Night Sky Writing Journal

About Interstellar

Families with older children might also enjoy seeing Interstellar to see what happens as a group of explorers undertakes an important mission to find out whether there is a future for mankind among the stars.

On November 5th the movie will be released in 70MM IMAX ®, 70MM FILM and 35MM FILM, and it will be released everywhere November 7th. See the movie trailer on YouTube. Learn more about the movie on the official site, Facebook, and Twitter.

More Outer Space Fun

Find more outer space play and learning activities in this amazing collection from Fun at Home with Kids!

Have you studied space exploration with your kids yet? What about outer space interests them the most?

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