Best Books for Beginning Readers

Once children show an interest in learning to read it can be a little overwhelming to try to find just right books for beginning readers. If you’ve ever browsed the shelves and looked at different books all named level 1, you’ll quickly see that there is a significant difference between the reading levels. It takes a little research to help find the very best books for kids just learning to read independently. This quick reference guide outlines ways to know if a {Read More}

Books About Knights, Princesses, Dragons and Castles

Medieval knights, princesses, dragons and castles can be a fun theme to explore with you child or class. There are great fictional stories that will lead to facts about this era. We have created a list that includes fictional books for each topic and a non-fiction book that you can use to dig deeper. Whether you have a little or big reader, boy, girl or both this book list about knights, princesses, dragons and castles has something for everyone. Books {Read More}

Books About Music

Music is something that connects people of all ages and backgrounds. It is best experienced by listening but can also be experienced through books. This week we have a list of books about music that ranges from the ABCs, to biographies, fictional stories and informational books that all focus on music. We hope these books will bring a new rhythm and sound to your library. Books About Music for Kids This post contains affiliate links. M is for Music by Kathleen Krull {Read More}

Dinosaur Books

This week we have a second list of dinosaur books for all the dinosaur lovers out there. Our first list focused on nonfiction Dinosaur Books and is a great list for learning about dinosaurs. This list includes silly, funny and sweet stories about dinosaurs. Dinosaur lovers will enjoy this list! Dinosaur Picture Books This post contains affiliate links. The Voyage of Turtle Rex by Kurt Cyrus – The Voyage of Turtle Rex focuses on prehistoric turtles and the dangers they encountered. {Read More}

Nonfiction Dinosaur Books

In November, Disney is releasing ‘The Littlest Dinosaur”. For dinosaur fans of all ages, we have created a list of nonfiction books that are a perfect pairing with this new movie. Before and after watching the movie the books below can help your little dinosaur fan learn more about these amazing creatures. Watch for a second dinosaur list that will include fictional books about dinosaurs. Nonfiction Dinosaur Books This post contains affiliate links. Dinosaur Books for Kids of All Ages {Read More}

Books About Colonial America

As fall begins, we start to think about Thanksgiving, Halloween and northern states (well, at least in Florida we do since we don’t have the beautiful changing of leaves). In many classrooms and at home, looking at the colonial period fits in perfectly with this time of year. As you study the First Thanksgiving, you can use the books on our list today to also look at life in the colonies. Enjoy fall and digging a little deeper into American {Read More}

Books About Firefighters and Fire Safety

Fire Safety week is in October. This is a great opportunity to introduce or review fire safety with kids. Books are a helpful tool to begin conversations about your class or family’s plan in the event of a fire. The books listed below can be used as part of a unit in your classroom or read at home. Preschoolers and early elementary kids will also enjoy the books we have listed below that tell more about what firefighters do and how to be fire {Read More}

Farm Theme Books

In a farm theme there are so many great aspects you can teach kids about; plants, animals and machines just to name a few. From each of these topics you can dive even deeper into life on the farm or how farms produce food. This week we are featuring a list of books that would be a great companion with your next farm theme or lesson. Books About Farms This post contains affiliate links. Farm by Elisha Cooper – Farm {Read More}

Books About School for Kids Ages 7-10

As school starts across America books about school are a great way to begin a new year with kids of all ages.  In the past we’ve shared many books about school. This list is aimed towards older elementary students, grades 2 through 5, but the books can be used with all grades. As you are thinking and talking about school consider one of these books as a resource for the first week of school or to help transition your student back {Read More}

Transportation ABC Books

Let’s look at trains, planes, automobiles (and boats) from A to Z. If you have a little one that loves different modes of transportation we have great books to add to your reading list.  ABC books are perfect for learning new information about a topic your little one loves and practicing the alphabet. We hope the books on this list drive, fly, chug and float their way on to your bookshelf. The ABCs of Transportation This post contains affiliate links. Modes of {Read More}