Washi Tape Ornament Christmas Cards

When we went caroling last week I wanted to have cards for the girls to pass out to the people we were visiting, and they were very excited to make something to bring along with us.  These washi tape ornament Christmas cards turned out so pretty that I just had to share them with you.

Washi Tape Christmas Cards...fun and easy cards to make together as a family

Homemade Christmas Cards

I apologize for the lack of process photos. I wasn’t planning to share these on the blog, and I was busy crafting along with the girls. I’ll do my best to outline the steps, but I know you won’t have any trouble–these were very easy!

Washi Tape Christmas Cards...fun and easy cards to make together as a family


  • Card stock-I cut each 8.5 x 11 inch sheet into halves and then folded them.
  • Paper circles approximately 1.5 inches in diameter
  • Washi tape in holiday colors or any combination of your choice
  • Marker
  • Glue stick

Washi Tape Christmas Cards...fun and easy cards to make together as a family


The girls placed strips of washi tape on the paper circles in any pattern or combination of their choice. As we did with our washi tape wreath craft I tore pieces of tape in advance so Tinker could easily participate. We didn’t worry about the tape extending past the circle. They just placed it any which way.

After the girls finished covering each paper circle I trimmed around the edge of the circle to remove any tape that was hanging over the edge.

Then Lovey glued the circles to the front of our cards with a glue stick while Tinker added a Christmas sticker on the inside.

I finished the cards by adding a line and bow to each ornament and writing a quick message on the inside of the card.

While this isn’t a craft very young kids could do on their own, it was wonderful for the three of us to sit down together and enjoy making gifts for others during the holiday season.

More Christmas Card Ideas

If you’re looking for more Christmas card ideas, you might find inspiration in this collection of kid-made Christmas cards.

Handmade Christmas Cards


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  1. That’s a very creative idea and the cards look as good as those made professionally. Our niece has been caught up in the fad of making clothing articles out of duct tape – vests, skirts, even shoes. We’ll show her this idea for other uses of tape.

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