Sunflower Suncatcher Craft for Kids

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My oldest daughter loves the book Sunflower House by Eve Bunting. One morning after reading it together I decided we’d try and make a sunflower craft. I didn’t really have a plan, but we had fun playing and coming up with ideas together. The end result is gorgeous!

We started by coloring and marking all over coffee filters with orange, brown, and yellow markers. The pictures here show my version on the left and  Lovey’s version on the right–they tend to follow more of a pattern. Tinker also joined in and colored her own, but it did not resemble any sort of pattern (which didn’t  really make a difference in the end result).

Coffee Filter Craft

When the girls were pleased with their coloring, I set out eye droppers and a small container of water. I tinted the water yellow with a few drops of food coloring. I’m not sure if this made a big difference, but it seemed to give the coffee filters a more thorough color with no white spots showing.

Coffee Filter Craft for Kids

Both girls ended up making two coffee filters. Once they dried we glued the center of each circle to the other circle. This gave the sunflowers are more 3-D appearance. More coffee filters could also be used to add even more depth.

Toddler sunflower craft

Next we glued some sunflower seeds to the center of each sunflower.

Sunflower Activity for Kids

After they dried we had to decide where to hang them. We started by hanging them on our cabinets, and they looked pretty.

Kid-Made Sunflower Craft

Then Lovey thought we should add them to the other fall decorations we have hanging in our kitchen windows. And WOW! How gorgeous do they look as suncatchers? Well, you know I have a slight obsession with suncatchers, so I’m sure it doesn’t surprise you that we left them hanging there in the window!

Sunflower Suncatcher Fall Craft for Kids

More Sunflowers & Suncatchers

For another fun twist on coffee filter sunflowers, check out these beautiful sunflowers from The Imagination Tree.  I just love the sparkles!

And if you love suncatchers as much as I do, you might also like our fall leaves.

Fall Leaf Suncatcher


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  1. Julie Lauletta says:

    Do you think you could plant them in the spring?

    • Hmmm…now you have me curious! I’m not really sure. Maybe we’ll have to set up a little science experiment.

  2. Shaunna, these are so pretty! What a neat craft. 🙂

  3. I love these! So simple and super cute! I love the addition of sunflower seeds – you could add in a numbers activity — or shape them into letters if your wee ones were interested. They are beautiful!!

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