Spring Flower Butterfly Craft

Today is the last day of our Spring Play Days series with Fun-A-Day!, Nothing if Not Intentional , Buggy and Buddy, and Twodaloo. All these amazing ideas this week have me even more excited about spring! I hope you’ve enjoyed the series as much as we have.

After we finished our flower garden play dough I wanted to use the fresh flowers another way before they began to dry up. We came up with this flower butterfly craft, and I just adore how they turned out!

Butterfly Craft for Kids...spring art with fresh flowers

We again used store bought flowers a few days after purchasing them, but you could also use flowers from your garden if you have them. Depending on how many children you are preparing this activity for you won’t need very many. I think we used 3 of each type of flower, so one small bouquet was more than enough.

To set up this invitation to create I cut out large butterfly shapes. You could also have your kids cut out their own shapes to incorporate cutting practice. I placed the butterfly shapes near the flower petals, glue, and pieces of the stems cut to different lengths to create bodies and antennae.

Butterfly Invitation to Create

As with all of our art projects the kids each approached the process very differently. Lovey began by adding the body.

Butterfly Preschool Activity

She started gluing individual flower petals and then went and got a paint brush. She used it to spread glue all over the butterfly wings.

Easy Butterfly Craft

Tinker followed her lead but toddler style with much more glue.

Toddler Butterfly Craft

After adding a few flower petals Tinker was happy with her creation.

Toddler Butterfly Craft for Spring

Lovey preferred to use a lot of flower petals and covered nearly all of the surface of the wings.

Spring Art Activity for Kids

Big Buddy chose to glue individual petals instead of spreading the glue with the paint brush. He carefully placed each flower petal. Do you see his use of symmetry? Math, science, fine motor practice, and art all in one!

Preschool Butterfly Craft


After a few days the flower petals did begin to change and the kids have been interested in watching how they look each day. Although the petals are mostly dried now, the butterflies still make beautiful spring decorations.

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  1. We have 2 little girls who are going to just love doing this craft! Butterflies and flowers what a great combination.

  2. These are so pretty! Thanks for sharing at After School!

  3. Beautiful craft. I am featuring it tomorrow in After School Link Up!

  4. So pretty! I want to do this with my girls. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  5. This looks like fun. We go on a lot of walks and lately there have been tons of flower petals on the ground. Both of my kids have been collecting them as we walk. This will be the perfect project for them right now. Thanks for posting.

    • My little ones LOVE collecting flower petals, too. This is one of their favorite times of year because we find them everywhere. I hope your kids have fun making their creations.

  6. These are so gorgeous!! You are the best at making simple things extraordinary!!

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