Sense of Smell~Tea Bag Matching Game

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  1. Pouring Tea Toddler Activity
  2. Sense of Smell~Tea Bag Matching Game

We were able to incorporate our five senses into our T is for Tea Time theme, and this simple tea bag matching game was a fun way to explore the sense of smell.

Sense of Smell-Tea Bag Matching Game

To set up the game I gathered our tea bags. I purchased the Celestial Seasons Fruit Sampler to use for the activities we did throughout the week. However, if we do this activity again I will also include a wider variety of teas.  The Celestial Seasons packs work well for this because they are packaged into smaller sets. I left one tea bag inside each bag and then placed the matching tea bags outside of the bags (the other tea bags were set aside for future activities).

Before we started matching the tea bags, Lovey took some time to smell each of them. As she did, we talked about things like:

  • the color of the tea inside the bags
  • the scent
  • what the scent made her think of
  • any foods that she’s tried with the same scent

Explore the Sense of Smell with Tea Bags

After our discussion, she smelled the tea bags inside the packages and did her best to match the scents. She had to smell a couple of them a few times and move some of the tea bags around, but in the end she was able to match the scents.

Sense of Smell Matching Activity

What ways do you like to explore the sense of smell with kids?

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