Quick Rainbow Window Display

As I was gathering materials for some of our St. Patrick’s Day activities, I saw our package of Bendaroos sitting there. I always enjoyed using Bendaroos (and Wikki Sticks) in the classroom. At home we use them to make pictures, form letters, and keep us entertained during long car rides. Seeing all of those colors together, I thought we could have a little fun making some rainbows. And since they stick on their own and are colored on both sides, I thought they might become an awesome rainbow window display.

So began our little task…

Quick Rainbow Window Display

If you are working with a new package of Bendaroos I always find it helpful to work with them a bit first. I just bend them,  fold them, roll them into balls, etc. This helps them become a little less rigid and a bit more tacky. Otherwise they won’t stay in the shapes you are trying to make, and they won’t stick very well.

After doing that a bit, we tried to put them directly onto the window, and they would not stick. Instead Lovey…

  1. Put the Bendaroos on a piece of white paper and arranged them in order. At this point they were still spread out.
  2. Pinched them together to remove any gaps between the Bendaroos and help them stick together.
  3. Lifted the paper and gently peeled the paper off the rainbow. At this point the rainbow should be rigid and stuck together. If it isn’t, put it back down on the paper and try to press it together more.
  4. Pressed the rainbow to the window.

Steps for Quick Rainbow Window Display

That was it! And she loved it so much, that she keeps adding more and more. I’ve left the Bendaroos out, so she can make more from time to time. By St. Patrick’s Day we may not have any more space on our windows! I love that the light shines through them a bit, and they look pretty from both the inside and the outside.

Of course, this could work with any creation your child wants to make with Bendaroos. So have a little fun with it. We did!

Have you ever used Bendaroos or Wikki Sticks?

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  1. This is neat…I never knew that Bendaroos existed! They look super fun. Thanks for linking up to the Rainbow Linky this week! (And for introducing me to something new!!) 🙂

    • Glad to share something new with you, Chrissy. We like Benaroos…great for car rides and long waits…no mess and lots of possibilities.

  2. Great idea!! I have not used Wikki Sticks but I’m sure my girls would love this!! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • You are welcome! Now that we’ve taken down our rainbows, my oldest daughter has all kinds of plans for new displays. I love that this initial activity sparked some new creativity.

  3. These turned out pretty cute! We have only tried bendarooz once, and they drove me nuts because I couldn’t get them to stick, and they ended up all over the house! Maybe we should try again!

    • I know what you mean. When we first used Bendarooz I felt the same way, but then I realized the more you work with them the better they stick. We haven’t done any of the real elaborate creations, but for simple shapes, letters and structures we seem to be able to do what we need.

  4. Adorable!! Thanks so much for linking up!

    Pink and Green Mama

  5. Wow, wonderful idea, I will try this tomorrow 🙂

  6. We were just gifted a few boxes of Wikki Sticks by a crafty relative…now I’m inspired to get them out and play! Thanks for sharing!

    • Yes, definitely give them a try. If they are brand new, don’t forget to work with them a bit first. It can make a big difference in how easy they are for the kids to work with, especially your little ones.

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