Magnetic Letter Rainbow Color Activity

It’s rainbow, rainbows, and more rainbows around here lately. Last week while looking at our door (it’s magnetic) full of magnetic letters I thought the kids might have fun making a magnetic letter rainbow.

Magnetic Letter Rainbow--color sorting activity for toddlers and preschoolers

I started by placing our bin of magnetic letters (after we removed them from the door) next to a large cookie sheet. At the bottom of the cookie sheet I placed letters in the rainbow pattern to help the girls get started.

Magnetic Letter Color Sorting Activity

Lovey was the first to start making a rainbow. She worked for a while on her favorite colors, red and purple.

Easy Rainbow Activity for Kids

Then after a while she took a break, and Tinker was eager to add some letters to the rainbow. This was a great activity for her. She is very interested in sorting by color and arranging items in a line these days.

Color Activity for Toddlers

She worked until the rainbow was almost complete, and then the two of them finished the rainbow together. It sat just like this adding a splash of color and cheer to our room for the rest of the week before they were willing to take it apart…as long as I promised they could make another one when they were ready.

Magnetic Letter Rainbow Color Activity for Kids


While working on this activity the girls were exploring patterns and color matching. They were also practicing fine motor skills as they grasped and placed the magnetic letters.

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Rainbow and Bits of Gold Streamer


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  1. Such a creative idea to expand the use of those ever present magnetic letters! Thank you for sharing.

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