Love Bug Valentine Play Dough

I’m sure you knew it was coming…we’ve put away our snowflake play dough, and it’s time for a little valentine play dough fun. If you’ve followed this blog long, you probably also know that my little ones love bugs (at least from a distance). I thought it’d be fun to combine their love of bugs and all things hearts into a little love bug play dough invitation to play.

Love Bug Play Dough Valentine's Day Activity for Kids


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To make our play dough we used the no cook play dough recipe from The Homemade Play Dough Recipe Book. We divided the batch into three equal(ish) parts and used red, violet, and rose icing colors to add a little Valentine feel. 

Valentine Love Bugs

To create the invitation to play I made a couple of love bugs and set the play dough out with:

Valentine Play Dough

The girls were immediately intrigued by all the colors and sparkle. Tinker was the first to get to work creating. I love how she used the heart cutters to make imprints in a winding caterpillar type bug. She spent quite a while positioning all the pieces “just so.”

Toddler Valentine Play Dough

And in true toddler fashion she tested out the materials in other ways, too. She was particularly amused that the bits of straw made great whistles. ūüôā

Toddler Play-Straws

Are you making any valentine play dough?

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  1. I just found your website and I’m so excited to use some of your ideas with my kids! I love how you lay out the materials – where did you get the trays you put the supplies in?

    • Thank you so much, Alyson! I hope your kids have tons of fun. I find our trays at Walmart in the seasonal section. Some craft stores and Dollar Tree also have trays that could work.

  2. I love, love, love this idea! I just shared it on my FB page and will use it in my classroom next week. Thanks for sharing!

    Play to Learn Preschool

  3. Your invitation to play is so beautiful! I also love your example bugs. I often try to leave things open ended so my boys can come up with their own ideas to play, but they definitely play longer when I give an example creation. I’ll have to try a set up like this when I make new playdough!

  4. Those play-doh love bugs are so stinkin’ cute!!! Love this!

  5. Ah my little girl would love this! x

  6. This is a beautiful invitation to play! Will be recreating it here at home. <3

  7. I love your website, and of course this idea. But I want to really know, is where you keep all of teh supplies for your kid projects and how you organize! lol

    Happy Saturday!

    • Ooh, that’s a great question, Kristen! We have a large set of storage shelves that store most of our supplies, and we have a small section of everyday materials that we keep readily available near our school area for quick grabs.

  8. wow, what a great idea…so going to have to try this with my guy. Happy Saturday Sharefest.

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