G is for Goat: Shapes Craft

During our farm theme and letter G activities we made a goat shapes craft.

I wrote before about the skills we are learning and the step-by-step directions we follow when doing a shapes craft. These posts may be helpful to you as you guide kids through these simple shapes crafts and give them the opportunity to explore making different designs with their shapes.

We started with the shapes pictured below. For these shape activities I am still cutting out the shapes for the kids, but they practice cutting in other activities.

Shapes Craft for Kids

First I gave the kids their bags full of shapes. I described a shape by naming its color, size, and shape. If there was more than one, I also mentioned that. Then the kids found the shape(s).

Once we had all the shapes out of our bags I asked the kids to make some observations. Lovey started by holding up the large triangle and saying, “This is the biggest piece.” Then her buddy chimed in and said, “Yeah, and this is the smallest piece.”

After a little discussion I asked them if they wanted to see what I created with these shapes. I slowly guided them again by describing the shapes as we put together the goat. When we used the two larger circles I stopped to show them how I started with one whole circle and then folded it and cut to create the other smaller shapes. They were really intrigued by this step and we practiced doing this later that day. The finished goats looked like this. They were inspired by this paper plate goat craft. The goats soon found a new home in our cardboard barn.

 Goat Craft

Finally I gave the kids a second bag with the same shapes and challenged them to play with the pieces and see what they could create. They impressed me with their creativity! I think I like these creations even better than the goat. I loved it! Sometimes we glue these ones together and other times we place the shapes back in the bag and store them in our art area to recreate another time. It just depends on what they want to do that day.

Create new designs with shapes


Goat Craft Shapes

So that it’s it! It’s simple, but full of great vocabulary development, shape recognition, and creativity.

Looking for more farm theme ideas? You can also check out my farm theme board on Pinterest.

What are your favorite goat crafts for kids?

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