Flower Petal Sensory Play

It’s almost spring. Actually it has felt like spring around here for a few weeks now, and I’m loving it. This week I’m joining up with some of my blogging friends from Fun-A-Day!, Nothing if Not Intentional , Buggy and Buddy, and Twodaloo to bring you another series of play days. In the past we’ve shared our fall invitations to play and our winter play ideas. This week we’re bringing you some fun spring activities for kids.

Flower Petal Sensory Play

Water play is always engaging and soothing for my kids. A few days after Lovey’s birthday she noticed that her birthday flowers were starting to wilt. Rather than letting them sit there, we decided to put them to use with this fun and easy flower petal sensory play.

Flower Petal Sensory Play. Fun way to use old flower petals

This is an activity that is great to do when you have flowers that are just a bit past their prime. They could either be store bought flowers or flowers that have bloomed outdoors in your yard.

Dried Flowers

We started by pulling the flower petals off the stems. This was an easy way to incorporate fine motor practice, and the girls also enjoyed seeing the different layers of petals and the different parts of the flower.

Along with the flower petals  I set out two small containers of glitter next to a full sink of water. If you have younger toddlers or you prefer not to use the sink, you could also use a large container on the floor inside or outdoors.

Materials for Flower Sensory Play

Both girls spent a long time adding flower petals and sprinkling glitter. They swirled the water with their hands and then watched the petals slide off their arms.

Flower Petal Sensory Play

After a while they pulled out some spoons and starting making “soup”.

Water Play for Toddlers

Once the glitter containers were empty they also became part of the play. Lovey enjoyed watching the water flow through the holes cap.

Water Play

And go ahead and hang on to all of those stems. They’ll become part of the fun, too. The girls pretended they were magic wands and fishing poles.

Sensory Play with Flowers

And just like that a couple inexpensive materials made for a wonderful morning of play.

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  1. Your photos are beautiful. I love all of the interesting and unique activities you do with your children.

  2. This looks like a great idea! My daughter is in a flower phase big time right now. I think she’d have fun with this.

  3. I bet the water smelled wonderful too! What a fun way to use up some past-their-prime flowers!

  4. Fishing poles! How creative! And what a great use for older flower petals! 🙂

  5. Love this idea! Like the other girls said, so simple and soothing 😉 My littles love making petal soup and I know they would love this, too!

  6. So pretty and simple, Shaunna. My son would really enjoy this!

  7. LOVE this idea, Shaunna! We have some flowers past their prime right now. I’m sure Engineer and the preschool kiddos would love this. Water activities can be so soothing and fun!!

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