DIY Sprinklers for Kids

Playing outdoors in the sprinklers is an essential part of our summer bucket list every year.  Here are ten super creative ways to make your own sprinklers at home.

10 Creative DIY Sprinklers for Kids~Summer Fun!

Head over to HomeSpun Threads to get the full tutorial for this PVC pipe sprinkler by She Wears Flowers.

Kids will have fun helping make this plastic bottle sprinkler from Housing a Forest.

Make it a “Kid Wash” with this fun sprinkler from Come Together Kids.

Or make the Deluxe Kid Wash version from Spoonful.

Use those pool noodles to make this awesome train track sprinkler from Play Trains!

Paging Fun Mums has another fun way to make a pool noodle sprinkler.

Visit Ziggity Zoom for one more creative way to make a sprinkler with pool noodles.

Don’t toss that old hula hoop! Upcycle it to make this neat hula hoop sprinkler from PB&J Stories.

Grab your bikes and ride on toys and make this Kiddie Car Wash from Mom Endeavors.

Go BIG with these ideas for a backyard sprinkler park from Event Horizons.

What Next?

After you’ve got your sprinkler made, try some of these fun ways to play in the sprinkler from Reading Confetti.

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  1. I love the kiddie car wash idea! My little guy has a power wheels, and I may just need to build this for him 🙂

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