Bird Nest Play Dough Invitation

It is no secret that we have a lot of fun with play dough around here. And as long as the girls are excited to make new creation, I’m thrilled to come up with different ideas for them to explore. Since we’ve been doing some bird activities at home lately, I thought it would be fun to use loose parts and play dough to create bird nests.

Bird Nest Play Dough Invitation


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  • Play dough made from a recipe in The Homemade Play Dough Recipe Book
  • Safari Ltd Backyard Birds Toob
  • Plastic bird eggs
  • Mini birch discs
  • Twigs collected from outdoors
  • Egg noodles

Bird Nest Play Dough Invitation for Toddlers and Preschoolers

The girls started by hollowing out the play dough to make nests.

Building Nest

Then it was fun to watch their thinking unfold as they explored how to create their nests.

Building Bird Nests

In the beginning they added materials to the inside of the nest and acted out some stories with the birds.

Bird watch

Then their nests became more elaborate with walls and many guards to keep predators away from their precious eggs.

Bird Nest Art for Kids

Bird Nest Play Dough Creation

There were a lot of very interesting creations and it was fun to sit and talk with the girls about the role of each part of the nest.  I don’t always remember to sit down and listen to the stories behind the girls’ creations, but when I do it’s a great reminder of the language development that goes hand in hand with this type of play.

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