Bat Craft

We have been having a lot of fun with our Halloween theme. To go along with the Bats Are Sleeping song I mentioned in the Halloween Songs post, we learned a bit about bats. We also made this cute bat craft.

This was a very easy craft, and the bats look so festive hanging around! I didn’t get a lot of pictures, but you can see a full tutorial and the adorable finished egg carton bats at Happy Clippings.

First I cut apart an egg carton using three sections for each bat. I cut the edges to resemble bat wings. Then I set the kids up to paint.

Recycled Halloween Craft-Bat

Tinker dropped everything and ran to her seat to paint! She loves painting.

Toddler Halloween Craft

After the paint dried we added googly eyes using tacky glue. I poked a hole in the middle, pulled a loop of ribbon through, and hung them up. That’s it! We love how they looking hanging from our cupboards…even the spooky bat shadow behind them!

Egg Carton Bat Craft

Check out these great posts for more bat activities.

What other bat activities have you done with your kids? Do you know any great bat books to go along with these activities?

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  1. My favorite bat book is Stellaluna!

  2. Oh I love this idea! We have so many egg cartons lying around and this will be a perfect craft for October! 🙂

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