“Bobbing” for Apples Fine Motor Fall Activity

Tinker loves any activity that involves water play, so I recently set up this simple “bobbing” for apples fall activity for her. It’s a fun way to practice fine motor skills. You can also incorporate counting and sorting activities with these materials.

Bobbing for Apples fine motor play fall activity for kids

I started with a large bowl full of water. Then we added some decorative apples that I found at Walmart in the floral section. Tinker had fun uses tongs to “bob” for apples.

Fall Fine Motor Play for Toddlers

At first she simply concentrated on picking up the apples with the tongs. She was working hard! In the picture above you’ll see her little mouth was opening and closing along with the tongs–this is normal to see as kids are developing their ability to use tongs, scissors, and similar tools.

Once she was more comfortable with picking up the apples, she naturally started sorting them by color. You can also invite kids to do this by setting colored bins out with your original play invitation.

Fall Activity for Preschoolers~Bobbing for Apples

This activity was a bit too easy for Lovey, but she wanted to give it a try. She found it quite entertaining to try and pick up two apples at a time…which led to a lot of apples bouncing around and a lot of giggles from both girls.

Bobbing for two apples

Printable Apple Theme Lesson Plans

Are you teaching an apple-inspired theme soon?

Check out our apple theme lesson plans. We have a general apples theme and a book-based Ten Apples Up on Top theme. Both are full of hands-on learning activities that include reading, math, science, fine motor activities, sensory play, and more.

Apples Home Preschool Activities        Ten Apples Up on Top activities-home preschool lesson plans

These sets are designed for home preschool, but we’re thinking of you too classroom teachers. We’ll have classroom versions available for your use soon!

More Fun with Apples

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  1. Thank you for the awesome idea! Love it. Where do you get those apples?

  2. What a great idea! I am doing an apple theme with my two middle children and they would both love this (heck, so will the older one). I am pinning this so I don’t forget! Thanks for sharing!

  3. such a fun and easy way to work on fine motor skills!

  4. This looks like a lot of fun – I’m pinning it to my activities board.

  5. Thanks for this! I’ve been looking for fine motor activities, especially for our youngest boy who has a hard time manipulating small objects without crushing them…lol. Pinning!

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