Yarn Painted Spider Web Halloween Craft

One year we did an entire Y is for Yarn theme, and one of the activities the kids loved was painting with yarn. It’s a simple technique that can used in so many different ways. Whether kids choose to bounce the yarn on the painting surface or drag strands of yarn across the surface they always enjoy seeing the designs that they can make.

We recently used this technique again to make yarn painted spider webs to display as an easy Halloween craft. This one is great for toddlers and preschoolers to make.

Yarn Painted Spider Web Halloween Craft for Kids

All you need is black construction paper, yarn, white paint and a plastic spider if you want to attach one to your finished artwork. Place the paint in a shallow dish so kids can easily get a lot of paint on the yarn. If your paint is very thick you can thin it out a little bit with a few drops of water.

Tinker chose to hold both ends of the yarn and bounce the yarn on top of the paper. We rotated the paper a couple of times to change the direction of the lines she was making.

Painting with Yarn-Halloween Spider Web Craft

When she finished she had a neat spider web effect. Once the paint dried we cut the ring off of one of our plastic spider rings and glued it to the painting.

Yarn Painting Spider Web Halloween Craft

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