Uncle Sam Craft

To go along with our patriotic theme this week, we talked a little about Uncle Sam. I shared a few tidbits of information about this American symbol from Ben’s Guide, and we looked at some pictures together. The kids did their best impressions of the famous Uncle Sam poster.

Then we made this cute Uncle Sam mask from Busy Bee Kids Crafts. As we did this craft we discussed the shapes of the paper we were using, patterns, our national colors, and the texture of cotton balls.

Before the activity I cut the center out of the middle of a white paper plate and punched two holes on each side of the plate. If we made this craft again, I would try moving the holes down a little bit. The finished hats sat a little lower on their heads than I would have liked.

I also looped a white pipe cleaner through each side and created a loop to fit around each ear. This helped the masks stay on pretty well, and the kids said they were comfy around their ears.

The first step for the kids was adding silver stars to a blue strip of card stock (approximately 10 inches by 2 inches). You could also use construction paper. These foil stars are a bit difficult to pull off of the paper, so I removed the center part for the kids. You may want to use different stickers, stamps, or paper cutouts depending on your preference.

Next we talked about the red and white stripes on the American Flag. We discussed the number of strips, the significance, and the pattern. Then the kids glued white stripes (8.5 inches by .5 inch) onto a red card stock square. I round the edges off just a bit, and then the kids glued the blue strip to the front.

Then we got to play with the cotton balls a bit before gluing them to the bottom half of the paper plate. We squished the cotton balls together so we couldn’t see any of the plate peeking through. We also made sure to cover the piece of white pipe cleaner that was on the front of the plate.

The kids had so much of fun making this craft, but I think they had the most fun goofing around and acting like Uncle Sam afterward. Too cute!

Uncle Sam Craft



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  1. Haha! That is so cute. What a great photo prop too. Thanks for sharing at Mom’s Library!

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