Top 10 Ways to Remember the ABCs

All this week some of the members of the Kid Blogger Network are sharing resources to keep kids learning while school is out. Whether your child has been busy learning letters all year or you’re just looking for some fun ways to expose your child to the alphabet,, this collection of activities should give you tons of ideas for helping kids remember the ABCs. Many of the ideas include a summer twist, but they could be used any time of the year.

**This list is updated with new activities regularly.**

Top 10 Ways to Help Kids Remember the ABCs

Top 10 Ways to Remember the ABCs-Fun ways for kids to practice the alphabet

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Go on an Alphabet Hunt

Alphabet Scavenger Hunts for Kids

For even more ways to get kids moving while learning the alphabet visit our gross motor alphabet activities collection.

Find Creative Places to Practice the ABCs (Think: Windows, Fences, Sidewalks…)

Play ABCs in the Tub or Kiddie Pool

See More ABC Water Play Ideas Here

Add the ABCs to Your Sensory Play Activities

ABC Sensory Play Ideas

See More ABC Sensory Play Ideas Here

Alphabet Sensory Play

Educational Games for 2-8 Year Olds

Play with the ABCs in the Sand (Box, Bin, or Beach)

  • Write the letters. Let kids use their hands, twigs, small toy trucks, anything that will make an imprint.
  • Alphabet Treasure Hunt (Playdough to Plato)
  • Make and dig for Alphabet Fossils (Playdough to Plato)
  • Bury and find some Alphabet Rocks (Thrive 360 Living)

Eat the Alphabet

  • Read Eating the Alphabet
  • Eat Through the ABCs-Each day for 26 days eat one (or more) food that starts with a letter of the alphabet. On “A Day,” eat apples. On “B Day,” eat bananas.
  • Bake alphabet bread (Nurture Store)
  • Use ABC cookie cutters to make your own alphabet foods. They are great for watermelon, cheese, thin breads, and well…cookies! Preschoolers will enjoy helping make snack and learning letters at the same time.
  • Use foods to make letters. Try using carrots, celery sticks, small crackers, halved grapes, or pretzel sticks.
  • Find some ABC food inspiration in this list of A to Z Party Food Alphabet Ideas (Learn with Play at Home)

Read ABC Books

You can find alphabet books for almost any topic that might interest your child. Have fun exploring some new ones together. Here are a few lists to give you some fresh ideas.

The list below includes some summer-inspired ABC books that would be great to read while school is out.

10 ABC Books for Summer

We also have a list of our favorite fall ABC Books.

ABC Books for Fall

Make Your Own ABC Book

ABC Books are great to make with young kids. Help set up a book that your child can make and read over and over again. Some topics you might consider…

  • ABC Yarn Book (Small Types)
  • Personalized ABC Book (This Fine Day)
  • ABCs of Summer
  • ABCs of Our Family Vacation
  • ABCs of Your Child’s Favorite Things
  • ABCs of a special interest-dance, bugs, sea life-anything that your child is interested in.

Form Letters with a Variety of Materials  

Use this Floor Tape Letters idea from I Can Teach My Child for kids just beginning to form letters. Encourage others to construct the letters without a guide.

  • Pipe cleaners (Make and Takes)
  • Wiki Stix or Bendaroos
  • Craft Sticks
  • Q-tips
  • Spaghetti noodles (try both dry and wet)
  • Marshmallows and toothpicks
  • Small toys (blocks, toy cars, Legos, dominoes)
  • Items collected from nature (Rubber Boots and Elf Shoes)

You’ll see some of these and many more ideas in the 125+ Ways to Practice Making Letters (In Lieu of Preschool)

Educational Games for 2-8 Year Olds

Play ABC Games

20+ DIY Alphabet Games for Kids

The list below includes some great ABC games if you are looking to add some to your game collection.

9 ABC Games for Kids

Eric Carle ABC Game
Super Why ABC Letter Preschool Game
Dr. Seuss Super Stretchy ABCs
Goodnight Moon My World ABC Game
Spot It! Alphabet
Grandma’s Trunk Alphabet Game
Melissa & Doug Undersea Alphabet Soup Game
Alphabet Squiggle Game
Learning Resources Pop for Letters Game

And don’t forget about alphabet apps. There are some terrific ones for kids! See our full review of Avokiddo ABC Ride to learn more about this interactive app with 26 engaging scenes.

Avokiddo ABC Ride

The Alphabet Mega Pack from Playdough to Plato

The Alphabet Mega Pack is a set of 20 fun, motivating games that teach kids letter names, ABC sequencing, letter formation and uppercase-lowercase pairing. The easy to follow directions make it perfect for parents and teachers alike. Take a peek at what’s inside and then purchase your own set for just $9.99.

With so many terrific ideas out there for learning letters, there is no way I could include them all here. You can find even more great ideas in these collections from other members of the Kid Blogger Network.

50 Incredible Alphabet Activities for Preschoolers (Hands On As We Grow)

The A-Z of Learning Letters (Learn with Play at Home)

25 Alphabet Activities for Kids (No Time for Flashcards)

Use Alphabet Mats to Learn the ABCs

ABC letter mats can be a versatile tool to use in early childhood learning. They can be laminated and used over and over again for letter formation and writing activities. They can also be used to create alphabet books, posters and more. Letter crafts and process art activities related to a letter you are learning can be a fun way for kids to make connections between a letter and something that starts with that beginning sound. In our Alphabet Letter Mats set you’ll find two full sets of alphabet mats to use and tons of ideas for using them. There are over 140 ideas for using the alphabet mats in meaningful ways to reinforce letter recognition and  learning letter sounds.

This 181-page resource pack contains the following:

1) Suggestions for Using the Letter Mats-These ideas include ways to use the mats for small group and center activities and can be done for any letter of the alphabet.
2) Process Art Ideas for Each Letter of the Alphabet-60 ideas!
3) Collage and Texture Art Ideas for Each Letter of the Alphabet-54 ideas!
4) Complete sets of alphabet mats in two different font options.

Get the Alphabet Letter Mats Set

I know this post was long, but I hope you find it useful. Thanks for reading along! Happy letter learning!

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  1. Thanks for the great list, Shauna! Can I add that we have a rhyme for each alphabet letter that also is a fun, simple, and unique method for helping kids remember each letter.

  2. Great Post…
    it’s fantastic idea….

  3. This is a great round up! Thanks for sharing! I have tons of ideas for my preschool class now! I’d love for you to come share this at our Pinning for Play link party!

  4. I know I’ve said it before, but this is just the most amazing reference, Shaunna! I’m so glad you linked it to Discover & Explore so more people can find it- it’s just that AWESOME 😉

  5. This is a super amazing collection of ABC activities. I’m currently teaching my pre-preschooler the ABCs and will be using lots of these. Thanks for collecting and posting them all! Pinning this for sure!

    One of my last posts was about creating a Photo Alphabet book for your child from your family photos! 🙂 It’s a favorite book in our house.

    • Thanks, Rebecca! I hope your little one enjoys these activities. Thanks for sharing your ABC book post. I’ve added it to the list above.

  6. What a great collection of ideas! I am sharing this with our K teachers and will be using them with my own children. Thanks for sharing!!!!

    • Shaunna says:

      Tara, you don’t know how happy that makes me! As a former kindergarten teacher one of my goals for this site is to help provided teachers and parents with great resources. I love that you found this post helpful, and I really appreciate you using the ideas and sharing with others!

  7. This is such a great round-up of fun ideas!

    I featured this at TGIF this week – I hope you pop over and link up some more of your super creative ideas today =)

    Have a GREAT weekend,

  8. Thanks so much for including Growing a Jeweled Rose in this amazing resource. I am featuring this on Tuesday Tots this week and pinned it, too =D

    • Shaunna says:

      Thank you for featuring this post. I was very happy to include Growing a Jeweled many fun and playful ways to practice the ABCs.

  9. This is a brilliant round up of ideas! Thanks for linking up with Tuesday Tots. I’ve pinned this to the Tuesday Tots board and I’m thrilled to be featuring it on my blog today.

  10. I will be linking to your list in my post A is for Alphabet at My Joy Filled Life this Friday!! This list is awesome 🙂

  11. This is a great list! Pinned it to come back to! Thanks for sharing at TGIF!

  12. This is a wonderful list. My toddler loves to find letters whenever we are driving by signs. I will have to do a few of these soon.

    I would love it if you would link up on our Artsy Play Wednesday kids’ craft linky.

  13. This is a fabulous list of alphabet activities–I’m pinning it! Thanks so much for sharing it at Teach Me Tuesday at Preschool Powol Packets!!

  14. Nice list, I intend to try the ABS slam and the ABC Hunt-Hide this weekend. Tell me, should ABCs be taught before numbers. My enlightened one (2.5 years old) can recite numbers to 10 and a few alphabets. Just wanted to know if there is some rule that states “Focus on numerals before ABCs)?

    • Shaunna says:

      I have never read anything that suggests teaching numerals before ABCs or vice versa. I’ve always introduced them both as kids show an interest. At 2.5 simple exposure and fun activities can be great for teaching. I hope your little one has fun with the activities you try!

  15. Great list, Shaunna! Thanks for compiling it!
    We especially love alphabet scavenger hunts…haven’t done one in awhile though. Maybe we’ll do one outside this week. 🙂

    • Shaunna says:

      Thanks, Ann! My girls love alphabet scavenger hunts, too. Lately Lovey has been making up her own and challenging Tinker to go on a hunt. It just too cute to watch!

  16. Wow! This is an amazing source of ideas, Shauna! I’m honored that you included my icy, fizzy letters and magnetic letter play. 🙂

  17. What an amazing list of ideas!! Thanks for sharing at the After School Linky Party!

  18. I can only imagine how much time it took to compile this amazing list! Sooooo many awesome ideas here. This will keep us busy for awhile! Thanks!

    • Shaunna says:

      🙂 It did take a long time, but I hope it turns out to be a helpful resource for you and others!

  19. What a fantastic post! So comprehensive. Pinning for reference!

  20. WOW! What an amazing resource for teaching ABCs. Thanks for including several of my posts! Can’t wait to go through the list more thoroughly.

  21. Wow, this compilation is incredible! I will definitely be utilizing some of these fantastic ideas 🙂

  22. What a great list of simple activities! Pinned for future use 🙂

  23. I love doing tape letters. We do it all time! Great list you have here!

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