Tissue Paper Art Apple Tree Craft

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  1. Tissue Paper Art

While we were having fun with bleeding tissue art, we made one more fun fall craft. This apple tree craft was easy to create, and the finished product makes a great decoration for home or classroom bulletin boards.

Tissue Paper Apple Tree Invitation to Create


  • Bleeding Art Tissue-Regular tissue paper will not work. The package must say “bleeding art tissue.” We used different shades of green for this project.
  • Watercolor Paper-We used watercolor paper for this project, but have also been successful using heavy cardstock for similar projects in the past.
  • Spray bottle filled with water
  • Work surface-We used cardboard so we could recycle it when finished.
  • Spare piece of cardboard for tree trunk
  • Fork
  • Red pom poms, sequins, or balls of tissue paper.

Please be sure to visit the original tutorial from Bloom Bake Create for some great tips and additional details. Also visit our first tissue paper art post in this series to read more details about the steps we used to do this project. Today I am just outlining the basics specific to this apple tree.

Tissue Paper Apple Art

When Lovey saw the collection of green tissue paper on the cardboard she immediately got started tearing the paper into small bits and placing it onto the watercolor paper. When she was finished she sprayed to tissue paper to soak it.

Process Based Art for Kids

As we did with the fall tree craft we placed wax paper over the wet tissue before beginning to pat it down. This time Lovey asked if she could walk on it. Why not? Although I should note that we spent a bit too long walking on it and a bit of the green soaked through to leave her with green zebra striped feet for the rest of the day. No worries! It washed off in the bath, and she was very pleased with the extra artistic creation.

Tissue Paper Art Apple Tree Craft

After revealing the beautiful green colors on the dried tissue paper art, we trimmed the edges of the paper to make it look like the top of a tree. Then Lovey glued on a few red pom poms to look like apples.

I cut a trunk out of a scrap piece of cardboard. Then Lovey used a fork to create a textured bark look like we did in our T is for Tree Letter Craft.

The finished apple tree craft makes a bright fall decoration for our playroom.

Printable Apple Theme Lesson Plans

Are you teaching an apple-inspired theme soon?

Check out our apple theme lesson plans. We have a general apples theme and a book-based Ten Apples Up on Top theme. Both are full of hands-on learning activities that include reading, math, science, fine motor activities, sensory play, and more.

Apples Home Preschool Activities        Ten Apples Up on Top activities-home preschool lesson plans

These sets are designed for home preschool, but we’re thinking of you too classroom teachers. We’ll have classroom versions available for your use soon!

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  1. I love all the processes and the texture in this one! The results are beautiful!

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  4. I’ve never even heard of bleeding art tissue paper. I’m definitely going to have to find some though; this craft looks like so much fun!

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