Free Printable Pet Rock Writing

There are so many ways to use rocks for learning and play. In this free printable pet rock writing activity we’re bringing our pets to life and using our creativity to come up with special character traits about our new friends. Choose Your New Pet Rock Start out by going on a rock hunt. You didn’t really need an excuse to head outdoors, but this is  good one anyway! See what differnet kinds of rocks you can find. Then choose {Read More}

Candy Cane Play Dough Writing Tray

The girls have enjoyed using our play dough writing tray to practice forming letters and writing spelling words, so I thought we’d make a new tray with a holiday twist.  Sometimes changing just a couple of elements can give an activity brand new appeal. This candy cane play dough writing tray is perfect for writing activities during the month of December. Candy Cane Play Dough Writing Tray Materials Affiliate links included. Play Dough-We used red and white play dough with {Read More}

Play Dough Writing Tray

During the preschool years it’s helpful to provide kids with a variety of ways to practice writing. And it can be fun to think past pencil and paper and use different materials. Here we show how a play dough writing tray can be used to practice writing letters, sight words, spelling words and more. To set up this play dough writing tray we used rolled out three sections of play dough and set them out next to some tools that {Read More}

Authentic Writing Ideas for Reluctant Writers

Once kids begin combining letters to form words and can begin to form simple sentences the next challenge is to keep them motivated about writing. In my experience this is best done through authentic writing activities. Encourage them to engage in meaningful writing that has a purpose–and more importantly, a real audience. Knowing their writing will be read and has meaning to others is a great incentive to share their ideas on paper, and it’s even more fun when that audience {Read More}

Encourage Authentic Writing with a Pen Pal

My little girl’s first best friend moved away this summer.  They go way back. Five years.  Her mother and I became friends while we were pregnant with our little ladies; they were destined to be friends in the womb!  Years of playdates, birthdays and countless memories later and these two buddies found themselves having to say goodbye.  It was so sad.  We fit in as much time together as we could during those last weeks leading up to their departure. {Read More}

Why and How to Improve Handwriting

As various screens fill our homes and classrooms some wonder what the role of handwriting plays in education these days. Today in partnership with the BIC® Fight for Your Write initiative I’m sharing some of the information I know about the important role of handwriting and ways you can help improve your child’s handwriting at home. **Don’t miss the chance to sign the BIC ® Fight for Your Write Pledge and enter to for a chance to win a $1,200 BIC® Prize Pack {Read More}

Free Printable~Moving to a New House Book and Keepsake

I mentioned recently all the ways the girls were having fun helping us get ready to move.  As I’m sure you already know, moving is a big change for kids, and it can be accompanied by many emotions. This free printable book is a fun way to help them remember some of the unique things about their old house while getting excited about the new one. Tinker and I talked about a lot of these ideas, but this printable book {Read More}

Writing Homework Help

Writing homework can be a big struggle for many students. This can also mean big headaches for parents as they try to figure out a way to get through the assignment. I’ve spent a couple weeks trying to figure out where the root of the struggle might be for some kids. They may say they “hate writing” or that they have “nothing to write about.” They may also choose to write about something so simple because they feel it is {Read More}