Lemon Sensory Water Play

Have you ever made homemade lemonade with kids? If so, you’ve probably noticed that they would go on playing long after the juice is squeezed from all those lemons. After making a few batches of lemonade this summer, I decided to let the kids have their own lemon sensory bin for water play so they could continue their play long after we had finished making our newest pitcher of lemonade. I am not exaggerating when I tell you they spent HOURS {Read More}

St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Play

They say you’ll find gold at the end of a rainbow, but it’s just as much fun to search for it in a soothing water play activity. That’s just what we put together in this St. Patrick’s Day sensory play activity for preschoolers. Materials Affiliate links included. Shallow container Green water beads (hydrated)* Gold coins and green plastic coins Shamrocks Water tinted with green food coloring Combine all materials and invite kids to explore freely. Tinker loved scooping handfuls of {Read More}

Thanksgiving Sensory Soup Water Play

Water play is such a soothing activity to incorporate into playtime and learning. When you added elements to make sensory soup you also add the opportunity for pretend play. In the past we’ve made various holiday-inspired water play bins.  This Thanksgiving sensory soup idea incorporates some of the common symbols of Thanksgiving, and it led to a lot of play and learning. We started with a bin of water, large spoons, real cranberries, plastic mini pumpkins, and Indian corn. If {Read More}

Duck Pond Sensory Play

We are lucky to have a ton of ducks near the ponds in our neighborhood. Recently we spotted some new baby ducklings, and it has sparked a renewed interest in ducks. This simple duck pond sensory play is a fun way for kids to engage in pretend play and water fun with a duck theme. Find more pond theme ideas in our printable lesson plans for home preschool and preschool classrooms. Last year we had fun with duck pond fine {Read More}

Pom Pom Squeeze Water Play

During the snowball and rainbow pom water play activities we’ve done recently I noticed how much Tinker loved simply squeezing the pom poms. One day I set out a very simple and easy to prep invitation for her to squeeze to her heart’s content, and did she ever! This activity is a great boredom buster when you did something quick to occupy your kids. It’s also excellent fine motor practice for toddlers and preschoolers.  Materials Pom poms in an assortment {Read More}

Rainbow and Gold Pom Pom Water Play

Tinker has been on a water play kick lately, so we’ve been setting up new ideas regularly. Today we’re sharing a St. Patrick’s Day inspired water play bin full of rainbows and gold. You don’t need many materials, but you’re little is sure to have tons of fun. Materials As with any water play bin I tried to include items that would both sink and float. Here’s what we gathered… Pom poms in a rainbow of colors White pom pom {Read More}

Snowball Water Play Winter Activity

Where we live it’s highly unlikely we’ll ever have a real snow day, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little thematic fun with snowflakes and snowballs.  Whether you live in a warmer climate like us or just want a fun indoor winter activity for your little ones, this snowy water play is great for toddlers and preschoolers. This post contains affiliate links. To set up the activity I added water to a large plastic bin. Next to it {Read More}

Valentine’s Day Activity-Candy Heart Water Play

We always have a lot of fun with water play. Whether we’re using flower petals, marshmallows or any random collection we find outdoors, I always love watching the direction the play goes and all the learning that happens naturally along the way. With Valentine’s Day coming up we thought we put some of our candy hearts to good use and use them in this easy water play activity. This post contains affiliate links. We started with a plastic bin full of {Read More}

Peppermint Water Play Christmas Activity

Water play is always soothing, and it’s very easy to adapt it for different holidays. By adding peppermint scent we were able to have a lot of fun with this candy cane water play. It’s a festive Christmas activity for toddlers and preschoolers. To set up our water play we used a large tub filled with warm (not hot!) water. Next to it I placed our candy cane shaped decorations, different kinds of peppermint candies, and two squeeze bottles (affiliate link) of {Read More}

Bottle Cap Fine Motor Play

There are so many simple and fun ways to practice fine motor skills. This bottle cap fine motor activity is one of our favorite low prep activities to pull out when we need a quick boredom buster. It’s also a great way to keep little hands busy while working on schoolwork with an older sibling. You’ll need an assortment of bottle caps, a small dish of water and at least one pipette (affiliate link). I like to place all the materials together on a {Read More}