Wire and Wood STEAM Building

We’ve been introducing a new STEAM building each week as an after school activity here at home. Most of them involve simple materials, and I give little instruction to the girls. Instead I invite them to use the materials to create whatever they think would interesting given the materials provided. This wire and wood invitation turned into a collaborative project, and the girls seemed to like creating DIY toys similar to winding bead mazes. Materials Affiliate links included. Large wooden {Read More}

Craft Stick STEAM Challenge

Afternoon STEAM challenges have become a highly-anticipated part of our routine around here lately. I recently shared how the girls created their own styrofoam sculptures during a week of painting and building. This craft stick STEAM challenge was set up in a similar way, and you can set it up at home or in the classroom too. Craft Stick STEAM Challenge Materials (affiliate links included) Various craft sticks-We used regular craft sticks, mini craft sticks and skill sticks we received from CraftProjectIdeas.com {Read More}

Styrofoam STEAM Building

I’ve mentioned in a few articles recently that as my kids are getting older I enjoy finding ways to set up creative challenges and play invitations after school. They are a nice way for us to sit together and chat while they unwind from a busy school day. I find that the more open-ended they are the better, and I also like to choose options that are very quick and easy to set up. This styrofoam STEAM building activity fits both of {Read More}

STEAM Creations Challenge with Paper and Staws

Open-ended invitations lead to so much learning. In this STEAM Creations Challenge you’ll only need three common materials. Kids will use their own creativity and problem solving to create anything they are inspired to build using the materials. This would be great to set up as a maker space in the classroom, an after school activity, or a summer boredom buster. STEAM Creations Challenge Details Materials Paper-We used scrapbook paper to make it more decorative but you could use plain {Read More}