Alligator Small World Play

When possible we like to get a closer look at the animals the girls show an interest in. We’ve created habitats for roly-polies, snails, and a variety of other bugs. We dig for worms and watch the life cycle of butterflies up close. But aside from visiting our local zoo, I’m not quite ready to let the girls get up close and personal with an alligator. We do live in an area where alligators can be seen sunning on the {Read More}

Ocean Small World Summer Sensory Play

If I could I would spend every single day of summer at the beach. Unfortunately it’s just not possible, but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring a little bit of ocean inspired play into our days at home. These creative ocean small worlds are great inspiration for creating your own pretend play invitations this summer. Use them as part of an ocean theme, or just set them up when you’re wishing you were at the beach instead. They’re sure to {Read More}

Frog Life Cycle Small World

In preschool and early elementary kids learn a lot about the different animal life cycles. The transformation of a frog’s life is often fascinating to young children. For years we’ve been trying to find our own little frogspawn to watch this all happen, but we haven’t had any luck finding one yet. We’ll be on the lookout again this spring, but for now we set up this frog life cycle small world for some pretend play. Materials Affiliate links included. {Read More}

Winter Small Worlds

Is it snowing where you live? While my girls would love to be playing in real snow, that just isn’t going to happen here in Florida so we have to get creative. Whether it’s really snowing where you live or you just want to pretend it is, these winter small worlds are a fun way to inspire kids to engage in winter pretend play. Winter Small World Play From snowman building to cascading snow this winter wonderland from Buggy Buddy {Read More}

Simple Pond Small World Sensory Play

This month the Virtual Book Club for Kids is reading books by Denise Fleming. We enjoy so many of her books, especially the ones related to nature. We decided to read In the Small, Small Pond and create a simple pond small world to reenact parts of the story.  Find more In the Small, Small Pond ideas in our printable lesson plans for home preschool and preschool classrooms. This post contains affiliate links. In the Small, Small Pond is a Caldecott Honor Book about {Read More}

Fairy Garden Play Dough

While we were playing with our gold play dough Lovey told me she thought it looked “magical, like a magic fairy land.” That gave me this idea for fairy garden play dough. I knew both of the girls would love it, they definitely do! Materials This post contains affiliate links. I used the same gold play dough we used in the other activity. To make it I used the no cook play dough recipe from The Homemade Play Dough Recipe Book. I {Read More}

11 Fun Farm Small Worlds

It’s Feature Friday again! Today we’re sharing some of the excellent posts linked up to the Discover & Explore farm theme. Did you see all of the creative farm small worlds? You know we love learning and playing with small worlds, so I just had to share them with you today. Featured Posts Farm World (Fun at Home with Kids) On the Farm Small World Play (My Nearest & Dearest) A Day at the Barn (Crayon Box Chronicles) Farm Fun: {Read More}