Seashell Sight Word Practice

“Ugh, do I haaaave to practice my sight words?!” “Can’t we do it later?” Is that what you hear when you try to get your kids to do a little school work over the summer? But there you are staring at that list of words your child’s school sent home for you to remember, so why not make it so fun they’ll be asking you to practice those sight words? This seashell activity is terrific for sight words that preschoolers {Read More}

Seashell Name Game

We have mounds of seashells we’ve collected from our beach trips. During the summer we end up using a lot of them for play and learning. If you don’t have access to shells, you can also find them at craft stores. For this activity we gathered a few shells and made our own “pearls” to practice name recognition. Handling those tiny pearls is also great for practicing the pincer grasp that kids will use for handwriting. To set up this {Read More}