Hot Chocolate Sensory Activities

We had so much fun trying some of the Hot Chocolate Math and Science Activities that I wanted to build on the enthusiasm and continue with this fun theme.  As delicious as hot chocolate and marshmallows smell, I thought- why not involve the senses with some hot chocolate sensory activities?   Hot Chocolate Sensory Play Whenever we are stuck inside on a cold or rainy day or just looking for a boredom buster, I love to grab a sensory bin {Read More}

Ocean Small World Summer Sensory Play

If I could I would spend every single day of summer at the beach. Unfortunately it’s just not possible, but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring a little bit of ocean inspired play into our days at home. These creative ocean small worlds are great inspiration for creating your own pretend play invitations this summer. Use them as part of an ocean theme, or just set them up when you’re wishing you were at the beach instead. They’re sure to {Read More}

Wiggly Worm Sensory Play

Eeeeewwwwww! That’s what my youngest daughter said. Yessssss! And that’s what my oldest daughter said when I asked if they wanted to play with  this wiggly worm sensory bin. Their responses didn’t surprise me. For years my oldest has delighted in catching worms and bugs of all kinds while my youngest is happy to observe from a comfortable distance. But that didn’t stop them both from enjoying this messy play activity. Use it at home just for fun or include {Read More}

St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Play

They say you’ll find gold at the end of a rainbow, but it’s just as much fun to search for it in a soothing water play activity. That’s just what we put together in this St. Patrick’s Day sensory play activity for preschoolers. Materials Affiliate links included. Shallow container Green water beads (hydrated)* Gold coins and green plastic coins Shamrocks Water tinted with green food coloring Combine all materials and invite kids to explore freely. Tinker loved scooping handfuls of {Read More}

Pretend Snow Arctic Small World Sensory Play

One morning before school Tinker announced “Mommy, I’d really like to do a project when I get home.” I asked her whether she wanted to play a game, make something, or get messy. The way her eyes lit up at the “get messy” part of my question was adorable, so I gathered a few items and made some pretend snow.  Since it’s finally colder where we live, I thought she’d love it. Originally I planned to only have the pretend snow in a sensory {Read More}

Icy Snowman Winter Sensory Play Science Experiment

While it may not be practical to build a snowman indoors, you can bring some of the sensory fun inside with this icy snowman decorating activity. After we decorated our snowman, we tried a classic science experiment to see how we could melt him the fastest. One day before the girls got home for school I froze water in a muffin tin. Then I cut some basic items for snowman decorating out of craft foam (affiliate links). I also grabbed some {Read More}

Duck Pond Sensory Play

We are lucky to have a ton of ducks near the ponds in our neighborhood. Recently we spotted some new baby ducklings, and it has sparked a renewed interest in ducks. This simple duck pond sensory play is a fun way for kids to engage in pretend play and water fun with a duck theme. Find more pond theme ideas in our printable lesson plans for home preschool and preschool classrooms. Last year we had fun with duck pond fine {Read More}

Penguin Sensory Play

This week I’m excited to be joining some great blogging friends to bring you an awesome collection of winter play ideas. In the past we’ve shared fall, Halloween, and Christmas activities, and this time we’re working on giving you some fun ideas to try on these cold winter days. This series is hosted by Nothing if Not Intentional, Fun-A-Day!, Play Trains!, My Nearest and Dearest, Buggy and Buddy and our site. Penguin Salt Tray We don’t have snow, but we like to {Read More}

Great Sensory Activities for Kids

I loved seeing everyone’s best posts of 2013 during last week’s Discover and Explore linky. Today we’re featuring some of the best sensory activities from the year. There are so many fun ways to get kids involved in sensory play, and these are some terrific ideas to try. 14 fun sensory bins from Little Bins for Little Hands A year of sensory bins from Stir the Wonder Sensory play activities from Sugar Aunts Small world and sensory play from Crayon Box {Read More}

Indian Corn Squish Bag

Both the preschoolers and the toddlers had so much fun with our jack-o-lantern squish bag that I thought it would be fun to create another to have up for the month of November. This Indian Corn Squish Bag has already gotten a lot of attention this week, and I’m sure the kids will continue to have fun with it throughout the month. Indian Corn Fine Motor Activity Instead of making the squish bag myself I thought Lovey would enjoy being {Read More}