Snowflake Segmentation Printable Mat

Developing phonemic awareness is a crucial component to later reading and writing success, but don’t worry. Many early childhood activities like singing songs, reciting nursery rhymes and more help kids with these important skills. There’s a full continuum of phonological and phonemic awareness skills that kids progress through. Today we’re sharing an activity from our snowflake theme lesson plans to help kids with segmentation. Use our free printable snowflake segmentation mats and these steps to practice with your kids one {Read More}

Rhyming Toss Outdoor Play

We love to play outdoors whenever we can, so it’s always a bonus when we can incorporate some of our learning goals into outdoor play. This simple rhyming game is a fun way to help toddlers and preschoolers practice generating rhyming words. To set up the game you’ll need to gather some small toys or objects from around the house. Try to grab items that are easy to rhyme with. We chose a bug, train, cake, keys, ball, pot, block, {Read More}

C is for Corn: Alphabet and Phonemic Awareness Activities

During our farm theme we learned a lot about corn and used corn kernels for a variety of activities. In addition to using corn kernels for math activities, we also used them for alphabet and phonemic awareness activities activities. Alphabet Letter Hunt  The kids loved searching for letters in a bin of corn kernels. Each child had their own bin. One day we searched for all of the letters we learned so far this year. One bin had uppercase letters and the {Read More}

A is for Acorn: Alphabet and Phonemic Awareness Activities

There is finally a slight chill in the air, but only until 10 am! It’s a perfect week to be learning about the changes we see in fall. For the past couple of weeks we have been collecting acorns as we go for walks and visit the park. The kids have loved searching for them and filling up their buckets, so now we are using them for different reading, math, science, art, and sensory learning activities. These are a couple {Read More}