Rolling Rainbow Painting Action Art for Kids

Continuing our fun with rainbows, we took our learning outdoors to create some colorful rainbow art.  The very thought of paint gets my little ones excited, so I decided to put together a process art and science activity that involved rainbows, ramps, and paint! Materials Needed for Rolling Rainbow Art Affiliate links included plywood or cardboard tempera washable paint art easel paper a variety of balls Prepare Your Art Space I set the ramp up using a piece of plywood {Read More}

Big Bug Art for Creative Kids

We had so much fun with the art techniques we used creating ladybug art that I wanted to include a similar art invitation in our bug theme preschool lesson plans (available in variations for the home and classroom). Here we use some of our favorite stamping methods and a few added details to create a BIG bug art collage. This is terrific to do as a collaborative activity with multiple kids. Everyone can add their own unique touch to the final {Read More}

Easy Starfish Craft

We are only a few weeks away from summer! We’re already daydreaming about days at the beach. Whether you’re heading to the beach soon, teaching an ocean theme, or learning about starfish together this is an easy starfish craft that is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. Get a full week of ocean theme lesson plans for  Home Preschool or your Preschool Classroom. Materials Affiliate links included. Tempera paint-We chose orange and yellow Potato masher-Grab one from Dollar Tree or your kitchen stash Cardstock {Read More}

Painted Spring Flower Craft

Tinker is in paint mode lately. If she’s not playing with play dough, she’s painting…everything! This project was entirely her idea, and I love it. While we were preparing the flowers for our ABC flower garden activity, she eagerly asked if we were going to be painting the flowers. So I decided why not? And the results are beautiful! This post contains affiliate links. I set this up as in invitation to create one afternoon for the girls. They had {Read More}

Snowflake Blotto Winter Art

Blotto art projects fascinate kids. Each one is unique, and opening up the new design each time is always a fun surprise. Recently we decided to make some snowflake blotto winter art. Affiliate links included. We started by putting white tempera paint in a squeeze bottle to help regulate the amount of paint that would flow onto the paper and give the kids a little more control. The girls recently learned that snowflakes have six sides or points, so we {Read More}

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

Yesterday I shared how we explored painting with dough cutters. After we experimented with them a bit we used them to make the feathers on this easy Thanksgiving turkey craft for kids. We started by using our dough cutters to paint “feathers” on our turkeys. Each of the kids tried a different approach, some working in a pattern and others working in a more abstract way. Once the “feathers” were dry we added the turkey body. You can use any {Read More}

Paint with Dough Cutters

My girls love to paint. They paint almost daily. In the past we’ve shared all sorts of ways to paint. Recently while setting up a craft activity we grabbed some dough cutters to explore what kinds of designs we could make with them, and they turned out really neat! We had some very basic round dough cutters, but if you have a play dough cutter set (affiliate link) with different blades then that would add even more fun to the experimentation process. It {Read More}

Fizzing Watercolor Tape Resist Art

We love exploring with different ways to paint. I’ve been dying to try painting with fizzing watercolors since I first saw it on Fun at Home with Kids.  Since my girls also love playing with tape I thought we’d see what happens if we use fizzing watercolors to make tape resist art. The combination of science experiment and art was perfect for my little investigators.  This post contains affiliate links. To get started we used painter’s tape to make random designs on {Read More}

Homemade No-Cook Puffy Paint Recipe

We have had a lot of fun playing with and learning about marshmallows in the past. Lately the girls have discovered marshmallow fluff, and it’s inspired a whole new series of investigations. One day we decided to see if we could use it to make our own paint recipe, and wow was it fun! We made this super gooey, edible paint with only 2 ingredients. It is safe for kids of all ages, so even babies and toddlers can enjoy this one {Read More}

Water Shooter Painting for Kids

Water shooters are an endless source of summer fun around our house. Whether we’re spraying water at each other, in the air, or all over the house, the kids are bound to have fun. Knowing that I thought it would be fun to use them for painting. Whoa, was I right! The kids LOVED painting with water shooters, and their creations were so neat. Water Shooter Painting for Kids This post contains affiliate links. We used regular washable tempera paint {Read More}