Ocean Small World Summer Sensory Play

If I could I would spend every single day of summer at the beach. Unfortunately it’s just not possible, but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring a little bit of ocean inspired play into our days at home. These creative ocean small worlds are great inspiration for creating your own pretend play invitations this summer. Use them as part of an ocean theme, or just set them up when you’re wishing you were at the beach instead. They’re sure to {Read More}

Egg Carton Sea Life Recycled Craft

The theme this week for Discover & Explore is Sea Life. We made a recycled egg carton coral reef play set. Read below for the simple how-to. Then we’d love for you to share your favorite activities, crafts, tips, and resources about ocean creatures at the end of this post. My oldest is fascinated by ocean animals. She has been since she was an infant. This summer she’s sure that we need to have a pet orca, and she’s eagerly awaiting {Read More}