Star Books

Star light, star bright, oh so many stars to see at night. And with all those stars come so many questions from young and curious minds; what is a star?, how far away are stars?, is it really a star shape? To help you answer these and many more questions, we have put together a list of books that you can use as you explore the stars. Books About Stars This post contains affiliate links. Nonfiction Star Books Our Stars {Read More}

Books About the Moon

The moon is fascinating to people of all ages.  Little ones love to look at and learn about the beautiful changing ball in the sky. This week we are looking at non-fiction and fiction books about the moon. These books can be used in a classroom during a moon unit or at home as you read by the light of the moon. Enjoy! Moon Books This post contains affiliate links. Non-Fiction The Moon Book by Gail Gibbons The Moon Book {Read More}

Free Printable Night Sky Journal

As the days grow shorter during fall and winter it is a great time to observe the night sky. Not only is this an opportunity to learn scientific facts about the sky, it also inspires a lot of creative thinking. Kids and adults alike can hardly look up and not consider what it might be like beyond this galaxy. With the upcoming release of Interstellar we’re partnering with Paramount to share a fun family activity inspired by the new movie {Read More}

Moon Craft Mobile for Kids

I’ve mentioned before that Tinker is fascinated by the moon and stars. If it’s dark before her bedtime, then she loves to go out to say goodnight to them before I tuck her into bed. She’s also a very inquisitive child, full of wonder and amazement at the night sky. When I was approached by the author of Mother, What is the Moon? with the opportunity to share a brand new children’s picture book about the night sky, I immediately new {Read More}