W is for Worms Letter Craft

Last year while we were doing our W is for Worms home preschool theme, I saw this fun worm sensory bin from Fun at Home with Kids.  It’s part of their “Super Easy Sensory Play” series. The series is full of great ideas, so be sure to check it out. The kids loved playing with this worm sensory bin, and it helped them make a very important observation about worms. After playing with our sensory bin, we left it out {Read More}

Y is for Yarn Letter Y Craft

During our Y is for Yarn theme the kids also used some of the yarn from our yellow sensory bins to make this yellow yarn letter Y craft. To make the letter crafts I cut out the letter Y from yellow construction paper. Then the kids dipped the strands of yarn into some thinned white glue like we did while making our yarn bowls. They each placed the yarn in a different design. When the yarn was dry we mounted {Read More}

Underground Animal Activities

When we started our underground animal theme I asked the kids to tell me what they already knew about animals that live underground. They looked at me like I was joking, and said, “Your silly! Animals don’t live underground.” And so began our exploration for the week…they were amazed to discover that some animals really do make their homes underground. Not only did they learn a lot about the animals, they also became a bit obsessed with some of the {Read More}

Letter T Craft

I don’t think I’ve ever had as much fun with letter crafts as I have this year. The kids really connect with each letter and enjoy putting together a craft that goes with the weekly theme.  This week’s T is for Trees craft was inspired by the Letter T Craft from Counting Coconuts. We started by grabbing some cardboard from the recycling bin. Thick cardboard that has ridges (is there a name for that?), not flat cardboard like you would have {Read More}

Letter S Craft

If you’ve been following along with our letter craft posts, I bet you’re not surprised that we covered the letter S with seeds to go along with our S is for Seeds theme. So simple, and so pretty, too! We covered the letter S with glue, and then the kids added seeds in whatever way they chose.  They were also getting a little fine motor practice as they were working to pick up the seeds and sprinkle them or place {Read More}

Letter R Craft

We saved more pebbles from our rock demo activity to make the letter R craft that will go in our alphabet books. Since our books are getting quite thick I tried to use the smallest pebbles we could find in our collection. Assembling the craft was very easy. The kids coated a paper R with glue and then sprinkled small pebbles all over it. They spent time making sure they placed their pebbles in “just the right spot.” And now {Read More}

Q Craft and Q-Tip Painting

I love when I can incorporate a creative process-based activity into our letter crafts. We combined the Q-tip painting idea from Kiboomu and the Q-tip gluing idea from Mrs. Lee’s Kindergarten to create this Letter Q craft for our alphabet book. We started by painting with Q-tips. We spent almost the whole morning painting and experimenting. All three of the kids (Ages 2, 3, and 4) created many pictures. I loved to see them exploring different ways to paint with {Read More}

Octopus Craft

I mentioned in last week’s N is for Night Sky post that we are making an ABC book as a way to remember some of our activities this year. When possible I try to coordinate the letter craft with our theme for the week. For O we are learning about opposites. I found the book Octopus Opposites at our library. We enjoyed the way some of the opposite pairs in this book were presented. After seeing “Sea Urchin Out” and “Sea {Read More}

N is for Night Sky Letter Recognition Activities

We used night sky playdough and made a letter N craft to help the kids learn to recognize the letter N. I love how the letter N crafts turned out! Night Sky Playdough  Our playdough idea this week came from the Starry Night Play Dough from Sun Hats & Wellie Boots. We already had some black playdough. Instead of silver glitter, I added small star confetti to make it look like the night sky. The very small confetti worked best for {Read More}

M is for Marshmallow Letter Recognition Activities

Can you tell we really enjoyed our M is for Marshmallow Theme? We also did a few letter recognition activities to go along with our science experiments and sensory play. I used to have a lot of fun making marshmallow sculptures with my students when I was a classroom teacher. During our marshmallow activities Lovey spent some time making her own marshmallow sculptures. Then we tried to make some letters with marshmallows and toothpicks. She experimented with a few letters {Read More}