Name Recognition Scramble

Learning to recognize and spell your name is an exciting mastery skill for a preschooler. In fact, it’s the best place to start when beginning to introduce letters as the letters in their name make up a very special part of who they are. My preschooler jumps up and down with sheer pride and joy when she sees her name. We recently found a fun way to take our name practice outside, and it has been a big hit! This {Read More}

Name Activities for Preschoolers

  I am taking some time over our break to adjust some of the activities in our daily schedule. There are certain activities that just weren’t working out the way I envisioned them. One of these areas is our “Name and Letter Fun” time. Although the name activities we have been doing are working well, we haven’t been consistent about doing them daily. In an attempt to fix this, I put together five bags for each child. I used some {Read More}