Moon and Stars Activities for Kids

It was very tough to choose which activities to feature from our Discover and Explore night sky themed linky.  Within each individual post there were so many wonderful ways to help kids learn more about the moon, stars, and night sky. Today I’m sharing five activities that I definitely want to try. If you haven’t had a chance to look through each one of the night sky posts shared, don’t forget to go back and check them out. They are terrific! {Read More}

The Nighttime Sky (Discover and Explore)

In honor of International Space Day on May 3rd we thought it would be fun to Discover and Explore The Nighttime Sky this week. When I taught in the classroom, I was blessed to teach at a NASA Explorer School. As part of the program kids were introduced to some amazing hands-on science activities and resources starting in kindergarten. Kids are often fascinated by space, and as their teacher I loved to see their eyes light up as we started to talk {Read More}