Frog Hop Blending Words

As kids learn the sounds that letters represent, they can begin to blend sounds together to make words. It can be helpful to do this in a concrete way. We decided to do a frog hop to practice blending words. It’s a great spring activity for a frog theme or a pond theme. To prepare this activity, I grabbed a small piece of drift wood, the frog from our life cycle set (affiliate link), green construction paper cut into lily pad {Read More}

Frog Life Cycle Small World

In preschool and early elementary kids learn a lot about the different animal life cycles. The transformation of a frog’s life is often fascinating to young children. For years we’ve been trying to find our own little frogspawn to watch this all happen, but we haven’t had any luck finding one yet. We’ll be on the lookout again this spring, but for now we set up this frog life cycle small world for some pretend play. Materials Affiliate links included. {Read More}