Encourage Kids to Dream Big

This post is sponsored by Disney. All opinions are my own. As we settle into the new year, adults often reflect on their priorities and goals for the upcoming year. This is also a great time of year to talk with kids about their goals and ambitions for the year ahead. We all want our kids to dream big, so why not spend a little time talking about their dreams? Then encourage kids to dream big, and record those dreams {Read More}

Free Printable Heart Number Cards

As kids learn more about number sense in preschool and kindergarten it is helpful for them to see numbers represented in different ways. These free printable heart number cards include number cards, ten-frame cards, and word cards for the numbers zero to ten. They are great for one-on-one math practice at home. In the classroom use them for small group activities, math centers, or independent tasks.   Ways to Use the Heart Number Cards Number cards can be used for a wide variety {Read More}

Preschool Snowflake Activities

Snowflakes are captivating for little ones even if it doesn’t snow where you live. We always love learning about snowflakes as part of our winter theme activities. My buddy Mary Catherine of Fun-A-Day! and I have been busily working behind the scenes to compile all of our best activities into weekly printable lesson plans for you to use in the classroom or at home. Here’s a glimpse at some of our favorite preschool snowflake activities. Preschool Snowflake Theme Activities Snowflake Literacy Activities {Read More}

Free Printable Acts of Kindness Bingo for Home and School

We all want our kids to grow up to be kind, empathetic people who naturally spread acts of kindness to others. Of course, we do. But how? How do we get them to that point? With two young girls who are just beginning to explore the meaning of true friendship, I spend a lot of time chatting about the characteristics of a good friend and how our actions impact others. If you are a parent or teacher, then you know {Read More}

How to Make a Roly Poly Habitat with Kids

On our walks to school lately the girls have been spotting roly-polies, lots of them! After the third day of collecting them and releasing them my first grader asked if we could make a home for them and learn more about them. Well of course we can! Over the next few days we made a roly-poly habitat and learn more about these little bugs! Affiliate links included. As we got started making our roly-poly habitat, I remembered seeing a great {Read More}

Garden Scavenger Hunt Free Printable

Fresh air, the smell of flowers, new discoveries to be made…what’s not to love about outdoor scavenger hunts? Print out this free garden scavenger hunt and take it along with you as you look for signs of spring. You’ll also practice counting, measurement, color matching and more along the way. This is a great spring activity for beginning readers, and pre-readers can work with a parent or reading buddy to do the scavenger hunt, too. Kids will search for a {Read More}

Free Apple Letter Cards for Making Words Activities

As children learn to identify the letters and sounds in the alphabet they are ready to begin making words.  These free printable apple letter cards are a fun way to practice during your fall literacy activities. Get Ready Since Lovey knows all letter sounds I used all of the letter cards in this activity. However, if your child has learned a handful of letters you can still get started with making words activities. Simply limit the cards used for the {Read More}

Free Printable Lunchbox Notes with Cow Jokes for Kids

There are many ways to encourage creativity in kids. Did you know that telling jokes is one of them? As kids develop a sense of humor it’s not only fun to explore telling jokes together, it can also help them use their imaginations, see things from different perspectives, and even increase their self-esteem. We’ve been having fun with jokes this summer by reading joke books, making up our own jokes, and sharing lunchbox notes.  If you’re a regular reader of {Read More}

Free Printable Bird Watch Tally Sheet

We’ve definitely been taking our fun and learning outdoors lately. Why not!? This free printable is a great way to practice math on the go. Use it to practice tallies, counting, and comparing. It also encourages kids to observe closely to spot birds in nature. The first time we tried the tally sheet we observed birds in our yard and on a nature walk in our neighborhood. It would also be a great activity to take to a local park {Read More}

Free Printable Scavenger Hunts for Kids

A few months ago I shared in another sponsored post how HP made printing easier for us. Since then we’ve had fun printing some new Christmas printables, our own DIY valentines, and more.  And the Instant Ink Program from HP has been a huge help. Just before I run out of ink a new cartridge arrives, so I’m never scrambling to get ink when I have something new to print. It’s been great! With spring coming we’re excited to get outdoors and try {Read More}