Fireworks Painting

Yesterday I shared how the preparation for this craft inspired Lovey, and we ended up with some lovely fireworks rings. This is the original craft I had planned. Add some sparkle to your holiday theme with these easy fireworks paintings using homemade fireworks paintbrushes and glitter paint. This post contains affiliate links. Materials Dark Paper-We used black card stock. DIY fireworks paintbrushes (paintbrush tutorial) Sparkly and metallic paints-We used metallic silver, metallic gold, and a mixture of red and glitter {Read More}

Fireworks Ring Craft

Do you ever start a craft project with an idea in mind and then it evolves into something very different? That’s how these quick and easy fireworks rings came about. I was getting materials ready for another project, and Lovey said, “Yay! We’re making sparkly rings?!?” How could I say no? We took a break from the project I had planned spent some time adding a little glam to our day. As it turns out they make adorable jewelry to {Read More}