Donald Crews Book Activities

This month Donald Crews is the featured author of the  The Virtual Book Club for Kids. As I was getting ready for this month’s post I had a tough time deciding which book to choose. That seems to be the case every month, doesn’t it?  There are so many great Donald Crews books and terrific activities to go along with them.  I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you. Whether you’re planning a full author study or just reading {Read More}

Gail Gibbons Books and Activities Perfect for Summer

I have always loved using books by Gail Gibbons to help teach science. They are full of wonderful facts and nonfiction text features, and they are great for older preschoolers and kids in early elementary grades. This month Gail Gibbons is the featured author of the  The Virtual Book Club for Kids, and I can’t wait to see what everyone shares! There are so many great books by this author that I had a very hard time choosing just one {Read More}

Rhyming with Alice the Fairy

David Shannon is the author of the month for the Virtual Book Club for Kids. I’m familiar with many of his books from using them in the classroom, but we haven’t ready too many of them here at home yet. As with our Julia Donaldson books, we read many of David Shannon’s books throughout the month. I let the girls choose on their own, and the book they both kept coming back to was Alice The Fairy. Alice is a {Read More}

Julia Donaldson’s Where’s My Mom? Book Activity

This month’s author for the Virtual Book Club for Kids is Julia Donaldson. This was a new author for us, and I’m so glad we had the chance to discover her books. We checked out as many as we could from the library, but there are still a few titles I am eager to get my hands on. Throughout the month I let my daughters select the books they wanted to read from our Donaldson collection. Although they enjoyed nearly all of {Read More}

Dr. Seuss The Shape of Me and Other Stuff {Virtual Book Club for Kids}

I am excited to be a new co-host of the monthly Virtual Book Club for Kids.  Each month all of the co-hosts choose a specific author to spotlight. We read a book by the author with our kids, do book related crafts and activities, and then we share them on our blogs. We would also love for you to join in with us! You can link up below (if you are a blogger), leave a comment below, or tell us {Read More}