Free Printable Bird Watch Tally Sheet

We’ve definitely been taking our fun and learning outdoors lately. Why not!? This free printable is a great way to practice math on the go. Use it to practice tallies, counting, and comparing. It also encourages kids to observe closely to spot birds in nature. Get a full week of bird theme lesson plans for  Home Preschool or your Preschool Classroom. The first time we tried the tally sheet we observed birds in our yard and on a nature walk in our {Read More}

Bird Nest Letter Matching Game

Yesterday we shared how we used plastic eggs to practice letter recognition. The girls had so much fun pretending to be birds that we played another quick alphabet game to practice matching upper and lowercase letters. Bird Nest Letter Matching Game Get a full week of bird theme lesson plans for  Home Preschool or your Preschool Classroom. As we did in the original game we started with a set of plastic eggs labeled with the upper and lowercase letters. This time instead {Read More}

Rescue the Eggs Letter Recognition ABC Game

Just because Easter is over doesn’t mean you have to put away the plastic eggs. In fact you can use them for all sorts of play and learning activities year round. Here we are using them in a fun ABC game that combines letter recognition practice with pretend play. Set up the ABC Game We started with a full set of plastic eggs that were labeled with the uppercase letter on one half and the lowercase letter on the other. {Read More}

Bird Nest Play Dough Invitation

It is no secret that we have a lot of fun with play dough around here. And as long as the girls are excited to make new creation, I’m thrilled to come up with different ideas for them to explore. Since we’ve been doing some bird activities at home lately, I thought it would be fun to use loose parts and play dough to create bird nests. Get a full week of bird theme lesson plans for  Home Preschool or your Preschool {Read More}

Bird Activities for Kids

For the past three days two little birds have been coming by to gather materials from our yard. We think they are making a nest nearby. The girls have been sitting by the window watching them come and go in hopes of figuring out where that nest is. When I spotted these fun bird activities in last week’s Discover & Explore animal theme linky, I knew it was time to do a little home preschool week all about birds. You’ll {Read More}

Feather Color Sorting and Fine Motor Activity

So far this week we’ve shared our toilet roll turkey fine motor activity and our turkey play dough. Today we’re sharing another fine motor activity that will be out for the month of November, but it could easily be incorporated into a bird theme at any time of the year. With these materials the kids will be practicing color recognition and sorting by color. This post contains affiliate links. To get started, gather play dough in assorted colors, feathers to match {Read More}