Alligator Small World Play

When possible we like to get a closer look at the animals the girls show an interest in. We’ve created habitats for roly-polies, snails, and a variety of other bugs. We dig for worms and watch the life cycle of butterflies up close. But aside from visiting our local zoo, I’m not quite ready to let the girls get up close and personal with an alligator. We do live in an area where alligators can be seen sunning on the {Read More}

Easy Starfish Craft

We are only a few weeks away from summer! We’re already daydreaming about days at the beach. Whether you’re heading to the beach soon, teaching an ocean theme, or learning about starfish together this is an easy starfish craft that is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. Materials Affiliate links included. Tempera paint-We chose orange and yellow Potato masher-Grab one from Dollar Tree or your kitchen stash Cardstock Scissors Blue paper (optional) Glue (optional) Nonfiction book about starfish-We read Star of {Read More}

River Play Dough Invitation

Help kids learn about river animals and habitats with this river play dough invitation. Preschoolers will have fun with the sensory elements of the dough and engaging in pretend play. But don’t leave out the older kids, they can model what they learn about river animals and habitats as they build their own river life model. Materials Play dough-We used homemade blue and brown play dough Small plants-We gathered ferns from our yard Driftwood pieces Blue glass gems Small pebbles River {Read More}

How to Make a Roly Poly Habitat with Kids

On our walks to school lately the girls have been spotting roly-polies, lots of them! After the third day of collecting them and releasing them my first grader asked if we could make a home for them and learn more about them. Well of course we can! Over the next few days we made a roly-poly habitat and learn more about these little bugs! Affiliate links included. As we got started making our roly-poly habitat, I remembered seeing a great {Read More}

Horse Books

If you live in a city or in the country I am sure your little ones love seeing horses. Little Bit will be taking horse lessons soon from a family friend and this list is a great start for her as she learns about horses. Whether you are studying horses with your kids, taking care of a horse or just want to learn more we hope this list gets you off to a great start. A great book list to {Read More}

Turtle Books

Turtles are animals that are so gentle and great for kids to learn about. They open the door to discussions about ocean, lake and river life and how we can help protect animals. Whether you are getting a pet turtle or your little one is simply interested in reading about turtles, this list just might have a perfect book for you. Turtle Books This post contains affiliate links. Fictional Stories Mossy by Jan Brett Mossy is a turtle that lives {Read More}

Animal ABC Books

This week we are featuring an Animal ABC book list. Alphabet books can be used for kids of all ages. They are great for introducing letters to little ones, and older kids can learn new information as they read through the alphabet. The list below includes alphabet animal books for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary age kids. The list has been broken into groups based on information in the book and the style of book, and all of the books can {Read More}

Animal Activities for Kids {Discover & Explore}

Kids are fascinated by animals. Whether they are seeing real animals, reading about them, or doing projects related to animals, kids always seem to be drawn to activity that involve animals. This week we’re inviting you to share your favorite animal activities for kids in the Discover & Explore linky. Animal Activities Here on Fantastic Fun and Learning Book Lists Penguins Underground Animals Animals of Australia Pandas Crafts Dinosaur Craft Symmetry Butterfly Craft Paper Butterfly Invitation to Create Spring Flower {Read More}