Free Printable Thanksgiving Turkey Shape Matching Activity

Roll and color activities are engaging for kids, especially those who are kinesthetic learners. We had so much fun with our roll and color fall leaves set that we decided to make a Thanksgiving version too. In this free printable turkey shape matching activity kids get the chance to practice shape recognition as they color in their own turkeys. At home you can set this activity up as quiet work during rest time, a choice option on a home preschool {Read More}

Free Printable Roll and Color Fall Math

Practicing math facts isn’t always fun, but it’s important. By making math practice more like a game kids can learn a lot without it feeling like “work.” This free printable roll and color math set is a great way to practice adding numbers zero to five and making doubles. At home you can use this game as a fun way to practice math facts. Set it up after school or during homework time. In the classroom this makes a wonderful {Read More}

Apple Ten Frame Fine Motor Math

In the fall we like to use apples for a lot of hands-on learning.In the past we’ve used “falling” apples to practice addition. We’ve done apple threading to spell our names and other words. And we’ve tried this fun fine motor twist on “bobbing” for apples. This year we added an extra fun challenge to our math time with this apple ten frame fine motor math activity. Use it to practice a variety of math skills while trying to balance the {Read More}

Pom Pom Addition Math Activity

Kids love playing with pom poms. We paint with them, use them for sensory bin filler, and play often, because the texture and bright colors are so engaging. If you need a quick activity to help little ones practice counting and combining sets, this pom pom addition activity is perfect. Start by gathering some pom poms and two cups. Have kids place the cups over the pom poms and slowly drag the cups away from the pile until they have {Read More}

Preschool Math with Pom Poms

How do I teach preschool math? What concepts should I include? Where do I find materials? These are common questions I hear from readers and members of the Home Preschool Help Facebook group. In my opinion preschool math is best taught through hands-on activities where children have the opportunity to touch and interact with learning materials. And the truth is you probably have all you need to teach preschool math at your fingertips. Whether you’re teaching preschool at home or {Read More}

Snowball Addition Doubles Math Activity

We’ve been having fun with snow themed activities lately. Last year we used these little snowmen to practice counting and one-to-one correspondence.  Since my oldest is in first grade this year I decided to repurpose them into an addition activity to practice doubles facts. If you have a preschooler or kindergartener this activity can easily be modified to practice early addition skills too. Why Doubles Facts? If you have a kindergartener or first grader who is beginning to learn doubles {Read More}

Falling Apples Fall Addition Activity

Whenever you can demonstrate math principles with a hands-on activity it makes the activity much more memorable–and FUN! In the past we’ve shared how we use rubber ducks and flower petals to practice addition. To get ready for the new school year we did this apple addition activity. It’s an active way to review number combinations and practice beginning addition. We started with ten pompom “apples” and a basket. First I had Lovey count the apples to make sure she {Read More}

Doubles Rap Water Balloon Math Activity

While we’re home for the summer we’re finding fun ways to get ready for the new school year. In first grade kids often learn their doubles facts. To get a jump start we’re singing the doubles rap and playing fun games like this outdoor water balloon math activity. Doubles Splash Water Balloon Math To set up the activity we filled water balloons and labeled them with the numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Then we wrote the numbers {Read More}

Duck Pond Addition Math Activity

As I mentioned earlier this week, we’ve been inspired to do some duck theme activities. Today we’re using our rubber ducks to practice basic math facts. I set this up for Lovey who is finishing up kindergarten. At this point her goal is to memorize basic math facts without needing to use concrete materials to demonstrate the addition. If your child is still working to show the number combinations in a concrete way, this duck pond math game is a {Read More}

Flower Petal Addition Activity

When we use concrete materials to help kids practice math, they are more likely to understand the concept. In the spring kids are often out and about collecting or admiring flowers, so we decided to use some fresh flowers in this hands on addition activity. It’s great for kids in preschool and kindergarten. All you’ll need to try this with your kids are some flowers, a pencil, and our free printable recording sheet. I wanted to focus on different ways {Read More}