Science Experiments with Ice: Videos for Kids

When exploring the properties of matter, ice is a fun way to introduce solids as you can manipulate it to a liquid, gas and back to a solid.

We don’t get the chance to experience much of an icy white winter here in Florida.  The closest we’ll get to ice is from our freezer!  Whether you step outside to grab some ice or just walk to your freezer door, you are in for some fun hands on ways to explore the properties of ice with these videos of science experiments with ice.

Ice Science Experiment Videos for kids to watch and try

These videos have been added to a YouTube playlist for your convenience.  Listed below, you will find a description of each title.  Adult supervision is encouraged for all experiments.  We hope you enjoy your explorations with ice!


Ice Science Experiment Videos You Can Try

Title: How to Freeze Water Like Elsa by Addytube on YouTube

Duration: 2:04

Description: Instantly freeze water with just a touch like Elsa! This video demonstrates the use of supercooling (lowering the temperature of water below its freezing point without it becoming a solid) to turn water into ice.  You can also make a tasty slushy treat or even build a snowman out of the supercooled slush!


Title: Ice Cube Trick by Steve Spangler TV on YouTube

Duration: 4:02

Description: Learn how to pick up ice using only a piece of string.  The trick to this experiment is using salt to melt the ice and freeze the water molecules to it.  It seriously looks like magic!


Title: Preschool Science Experiment: Matter- Salt, Sand, and Ice by NuttinbutPreschool on YouTube

Duration: 2:48

Description: Set this science experiment up in an exploration center at home or school to help kids learn more about ice.  Using toy cars to roll around over the ice, you can explore how different forms of matter added to the ice affects the car’s ability to move over the icy surface.


Title: Ice Cube Experiment by Home Science on YouTube

Duration: 2:00

Description: Demonstrate how the different properties of vegetable oil and baby oil affect an ice cube by letting it float in both oils combined.  Watch the ice cube suspend in the liquid as it melts and creates a shining golden light in the liquids.


Title: Fizzy Ice Sensory and Science by Things to Share and Remember on YouTube

Duration: 3:31

Description: Let little hands explore the properties of ice and the physical changes that occur when vinegar and baking soda are added.  Grab some pipettes and food coloring to make this sensory science experiment extra fun.


Title: Dinosaur Ice Melt Science Experiment for Toddlers and Preschoolers by Living Montessori Now on YouTube 

Duration: 2:46

Description: Excavate frozen dinosaurs out of ice by experimenting with different methods such as water or salt to melt the ice.  Kids will love to uncover the different types of dinosaurs hidden beneath the ice!


Title: How to Make Ice Cream in a Bag by More Than a Worksheet on YouTube

Duration: 1:25

Description:  This is a science experiment with ice that your kids are sure to eat up! Discover how salt changes the freezing point in water to help create this delicious treat.


Title: Melting Ice Science Experiment by Learn with Mrs. B on YouTube

Duration- 5:28

Description:  Using salt to melt the ice, you can create tunnels and watch them grow by using food coloring.


Title: How to Make Hot Ice at Home by Home Science on YouTube

Duration: 3:04

Description: Using baking soda, vinegar and water, you can create hot ice crystals out of a sodium acetate mixture.


Title: The Refreezing Ice Cube Experiment by TVOparents on YouTube

Duration: 1:10

Demonstrate how a solid can change to  liquid and back to a solid with this simple ice cube experiment.



transparent ice structure close-up


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