Roll and Color Easter Math Game

We love playing roll and color math games to practice early number sense skills. For our Easter theme we used decorative Easter eggs to set up our roll and color game set.

In preschool and kindergarten children will learn to read number words through a variety of activities. This helps them with math, but it also gives them an advantage in reading. Some of the number words are high frequency (or sight) words that you’ll find on the dolch lists, and knowing them can keep kids from getting stuck reading some of those beginning readers.  This free printable Roll and Color Easter math game can be used to practice identifying numbers and number words zero through five.

Roll and Color Easter Math Games-Hands-on Easter activities to practice counting, number words, addition and more

You can use this activity and the full Easter Egg Roll and Color set in a few ways. If you’d like to use the set over and over again you can use manipulatives like small Easter eggs, jelly beans, or mini erasers to cover the correct numbers as you play. You could also use sheet protectors and dry erase markers.

Free Printable Easter Egg Math

Or you can use your favorite markers or crayons to color in the Easter eggs as you play.

Roll and Color Easter Math Printable

To play all you’ll need is the printable game sheet, the printable number cube, and your choice of manipulative or writing tool for covering the game spots. As kids roll the number cube they will cover or color an on the page that shows the number that matches the number word they roll.

Easter Egg Roll and Cover Math Game for Preschool, Kindergarten and First Grade

In this free printable set you get a game board and game cube to practice identifying the number words zero through five. These skills are most appropriate for preschool and kindergarten students. If you’d like to practice other skills or need more options for differentiating instruction then the full 28 page game set may be best for your needs.

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