10 Great Rainbow Videos and Songs for Kids

As we dive deeper into exploring the science behind rainbows, I thought it would be great to connect our learning to some visual explanations of this beautiful phenomena of light.  Of course, there hasn’t been a cloud in the sky to signal any chances of a rain shower and a real sign of a rainbow.  So we took to YouTube to dig up some rainbow videos and songs for us to enjoy.  

It can be tricky trying to explain ideas such as refraction and how white light actually has seven colors to a preschooler.  The videos we have found simplify that task for you.  There are also some cute and catchy songs that you may find yourself singing while washing the dishes! (Yes, I am speaking from experience.)  

These videos go along great with our rainbow theme lesson plans for home preschool and preschool classrooms.

Rainbow Videos and Songs for Kids-great preschool learning and fun for spring or a rainbow theme


These videos have been added to a YouTube playlist for your convenience.  Listed below, you will find a description of each title.  Have fun exploring rainbows!

Informational Videos about Rainbows


Title: Where Do Rainbows Come From? by Billie Blue Hair on YouTube

Duration: 6:56

Description: This animated video does an excellent job describing in detail how a rainbow is formed.  There are a lot of relatable examples to help kids to connect to new ideas and vocabulary.


Title: How Do Rainbows Form? by Met Office- Weather on YouTube

Duration: 1:23

Description: This animated video describes all conditions that must be present to see a rainbow.  An acronym is given to remember ROYGBIV and kids are encouraged to come up with their own.


Title: Rainbows and Refraction by Met Office- Weather on YouTube

Duration: 1:02

Description: This video explains the science behind rainbows by visually explaining refraction.  Raindrops are shown as prisms that sunlight passes through at an angle, causing the light to bend and refract.


Title: What Shape are Rainbows and How Do Double Rainbows Form?  by Met Office- Weather on YouTube

Duration:  1:04

Description: This video demonstrates the true shape of a rainbow and explains why we see it as a semi-circle.  You will also learn how double rainbows are formed and why the colors in the top rainbow are reversed..


Title: How to Make a Rainbow by SciShow Kids on YouTube

Duration: 3:16

Description: Want to create your own rainbow indoors?  This video demonstrates how to perform this experiment by using only a few household items.  

Informational Videos and Songs about Rainbows

Songs About Rainbows


Rainbow, Rainbow by Mother Goose Club on YouTube

Duration: 4:31

Description: This rainbow song has colorful visuals and the words on the screen to following along with.  The second time the song is played, you may sing the song as karaoke.


Title: The Rainbow Colors Song by KIDSTV123 on YouTube

Duration: 1:36

Description: We love to sing this catchy rainbow song.  The colorful graphics are captivating and it’s definitely a song that is easy to sing along to!


Title: The Rainbow Song by Kidslove2learn on YouTube

Duration: 3:12

Description: This song about rainbows has great lyrics and visuals that describes seeing rainbows after it rains.  It also compares all the colors to real world objects.


Title: I Can Sing a Rainbow by MyVoxSongs Nursery Rhymes on YouTube

Duration: 1:25

Description: This song is mellow and has great visuals of the the colors being added to the rainbow.  Although it doesn’t follow the ROYGBIV color pattern, it is sure to captivate young minds.


Title: Colors of the Rainbow by GiggleBellies on YouTube

Duration: 1:52

This rainbow song is great for younger preschoolers and toddlers.  It introduces colors of the rainbow with colors you find in food and nature.  Cute jungle animals paint the named objects and give color to the world around them.


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