Pot of Gold Sight Words St. Patrick’s Day Activity

Are your kids excited about St. Patrick’s Day? Mine are already asking when we’ll do our next St. Patrick’s Day activity and discussing how they’ll design their leprechaun traps this year to be sure to catch that little leprechaun. To channel some of that enthusiasm into our school time I decided to make little pots of ABC gold for the girls to use when practicing their sight words and spelling lists.

Pot of Gold Sight Word and Spelling Word Play for St. Patrick's DayMaterials

  • Black pots (Affiliate link)
  • Gold coins (We purchased ours from Dollar Tree.)
  • Alphabet stickers (Also purchased from Dollar Tree.)

I always have packs of these alphabet stickers on hand. They come in handy for all sorts of crafts and learning activities. If you are focusing on lowercase letters with your child, you can purchase lowercase stickers from craft stores or use plain dot stickers and hand write the lowercase letters on them.

For this activity I pulled out three sets of ABC gold that we used for other projects in the past. I wanted to have multiple coins for some of the commonly used letters.

Then I pre-made pots for the sight words or spelling words I was practicing with each child.

Practice sight words with this hands-on activity for St. Patrick's Day

When it was time for them to play they dumped out one pot of gold at a time and sorted the letters to spell one of their words.

Fun way to learn sight words and spelling words for St. Patrick's Day

If kids are just being introduced to the words, it may be helpful to have a word list nearby for reference. However, as you repeat the activity throughout the week you should build up to the child spelling the word independently.

Pot of Gold St. Patrick's Day Sight Word Practice

After all words had been spelled, I had the child reread the words for extra practice.

Extend the Learning

You can continue working with the words once they are spelled by playing a version of “I Spy”. Play by giving clues like “I’m thinking of a word with three letters. The second letter is H.” Then let your child point to and read the word. This helps the child learn more about the word and practice reading it as well.

For kids who can easily spell the words and would like more of a challenge. Give them time after the words have been spelled and challenge them to come up with new words they can make using the same letters. In the example above, a child might use letters to make “THIS” or “IT”.  This is also a good way to review old sight words that have been previously introduced.

More St. Patrick’s Day Activities

We also used our ABC gold in an alphabet hunt activity that’s great for kids learning their letters and sounds.

St. Patrick's Day Activities for Kids

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