Play Dough Invitations for Every Month of the Year

Play dough is one of our favorite play activities around here. Whether the girls are creating their own unique sculptures or interacting with a new invitation, play dough is used many times a week in our home. Not only is it great for developing those fine motor muscles need for writing, it’s also a great way to encourage creative thinking and imaginative play.

A Year of Play Dough Ideas~Over 20 Creative Ideas for Play Dough Invitations for Every Month of the Year

Since we love play dough so much, I thought it would be fun to share play dough invitations that you can set up for every month of the year. Each is either directly or loosely related to a holiday or event that occurs during the specific month.

Jan-March Play Dough


Whether it snows where you live or not, kids can have fun making snowballs and snowflakes with this winter play dough invitation.


Your little loves can have fun making their own love bug creations with this Valentine’s Day play dough invitation.

Set up this dentist play dough as you learn about dental health this month.


For St. Patrick’s Day have fun with a rainbow invitation or a sparkly gold play dough set.

April May June Play Dough


April showers mean lost of worms to find in our area! Bring the fun inside with this worm play dough invitation.

After visiting a local duck pond, continue the play with duck pond play dough.

This is also a fun time to explore animals like birds, chicks, and bunnies.


Use fresh flowers to plant your own play dough flower garden. The scents and textures of the flowers add a whole new level of sensory stimulation!

Practice counting with this flower petal play dough set.

Create a butterfly garden out of play dough.


June is a great month to explore invitations that relate to your child’s specific interests. Why not try dinosaurs or fairies?

July August Sept Play Dough


In the US we celebrate the Fourth of July, so this fireworks invitation is a fun way to capture some of the excitement in our playtime.

It’s also a great month to explore the beach. Try invitations like these ones that relate to coral reefsseashells and fish.

Add in some writing practice with this seashell writing play dough.

After reading The Rainbow Fish together, practice some early math skills with this rainbow fish play dough.


In many areas people are getting ready to head back to school in August, so this apple play dough can be a lot of fun. Don’t forget the worms!

Practice counting, patterning, adding and more with this Ten Apples Up on Top play dough.

Build your own apple tree. Then use fine motor skills to go “apple picking” in this apple tree play dough invitation.


Have fun with some of the natural materials we find outdoors in the fall with this autumn play dough invitation.

October Nov Dec Play Dough


Whether you celebrate Halloween or not you’re sure to see all sorts of spooky creatures out and about in October. Have fun at home creating your own not-so-spooky skeletons, monsters, or spiders.


Create some turkeys that won’t get eaten with this Thanksgiving play dough invitation.


Enjoy the scents of the season with these peppermint, gingerbread, and minty Christmas tree invitations.

Practice writing letters, shapes, numbers and words with this candy cane play dough writing tray.

Use our free printable Christmas ornament mats to go along with this ornament play dough set.

Practice the ABCs with this reindeer alphabet matching play dough.

Create your own reindeer with this chocolate reindeer play dough.

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  1. Would you please kindly tell me where to buy those plastic round tray to set up the playdough theme? I can’t find them anywhere. Thanks for sharing these inspiring ideas.

    • We bought our divided trays at Walmart. They are usually in the seasonal tableware section. Dollar Tree also has similar trays. So glad you like the ideas we share! 🙂

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