Peppermint Play Dough-Advent Day 14

Okay, you may be thinking, “Haven’t they already made play dough?” Yes, we have! But the kids are still loving it, and they are genuinely excited to smell and play with each new batch. This is our last batch of holiday play dough (I think).

Once again we started with a basic play dough recipe. To give it a little holiday touch, we added some peppermint extract, red food coloring, and red glitter. Many other recommend adding glycerine to give homemade play dough it more shine, and I really wish we had some on hand for this batch. It smells lovely and has a great texture, but I wish it had a little more shine.

I changed out our cookie cutters and added a few different decorations for the kids to use. Then they got busy…and they played for quite a while.

Simple recipe for peppermint playdough and sensory play

Tinker loves to push beads into play dough, and she will usually choose them over any other decoration if they are out.

Simple recipe for peppermint playdough and sensory play

Lovey made a whole batch of Christmas baked goods. She was especially proud of her “raspberry muffins,” and she wanted me to be sure to take a picture for Mimi (the baker in our family).

Simple recipe for peppermint playdough and sensory play

There are many more terrific ideas in this Montessori-Inspired Christmas Play Dough Activities post from Living Montessori Now.


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  1. Mmm… love the smell of peppermint! We made a batch a couple years ago, but it wasn’t as festive as yours because my son wanted it to be a purple color and we ended up with a bluish-gray! I love your Advent activities, too– pinned so hopefully I can get ours together today! Advent starts TOMORROW!! Ah!

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