Painted Spring Flower Craft

Tinker is in paint mode lately. If she’s not playing with play dough, she’s painting…everything! This project was entirely her idea, and I love it. While we were preparing the flowers for our ABC flower garden activity, she eagerly asked if we were going to be painting the flowers. So I decided why not? And the results are beautiful!

Painted Spring Flower Art for Kids

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I set this up as in invitation to create one afternoon for the girls. They had been bickering and overtired, and we needed a mellow activity that would be soothing. Painting is perfect for that!

To prepare the invitation, I used wire cutters to separate a bouquet of white artificial flowers. We get our flowers for these projects at Dollar Tree, because we find them cheapest there.  Then I poked the flowers into a styrofoam egg carton to keep them in place during painting. After placing the items out with tempera paint, I invited the girls outside to paint.

Spring Art Invitation for Kids

They both began painting.

Painting Flowers

It was interesting to see that they both started by painting one entire petal at a time like a traditional flower.

Preschool Craft for Spring

As they continued, they began to explore different painting styles. Sometimes they would paint the outer rim of the petal only. Other times they would splatter the paint to make different marks.

Easy Spring Art

Once they were done we had a beautiful and unique bouquet of flowers.

Spring Craft

We placed them in a tall vase with split peas, and now they are sitting on our dining room table for us to enjoy.

Spring Flower Art for Kids

In addition to a fun craft to make for home, this painted spring flower craft would be great for a teacher appreciation bouquet or Mother’s Day gift.

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